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  1. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    You didn't mention zombs cause you know you suck I'm at round 25 and don't give a fuck you can to outrap me with your petty rhymes perhaps you try nacht on cod5 to see if you can even try to beat round 3 cause there no way in hell you can outrap me
  2. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Bacon, Speedo is that all you got? and its PHD now so prepare to get caught in the explosion that happens when I bounce on your bitches clit your raps are tired of being spit by a fake ass ape in stupid speedo trying to pass off a human which tto we say HELL NO
  3. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Why do you rap on the forum? its cause you GET BEAT unlike me though cause imma bout to bring the heat don't ever try to say that you explore like Dora your poop cause she has a monkey named boots and he's a bitch lil you your rip-stik be breakin when it hears these raps cause I'm the best of the rest can't contest its a manafest you think your tech n9ne but your just lil wayne stutterin not spittin when I bring THE PAIN
  4. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Anyone else think they can try to rap at me?
  5. You're Banned!

    Your banned because,I say so
  6. ~Zombies Hangman~

    A t?
  7. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    If your rapping till your bones, that time is now because ZWNs about to lay the law down ear damage is the only problems you've ever caused besides on call of duty where your game stayed paused cause your scared don't know the zombies will be next but don't worry about zombies ape their worst nightmare will be your death speedomonkey what's with all the commas I think that means your stutterin just like yo momma when she found out that my raps are not to be matched especially when my raps go on the attack by the way you acknowledged me by posting another lame on the epic rap battles of call of duty Z
  8. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Lol dude that one just made me laugh I could've sworn I heard you tryin to rap back if you was just go ahead and kill yourself cause your mission is to fraud but still everyone give him a round of applause first thing why you obessed with dick is it because yours is too small and you haven't seen it Yet or is it also because you like eating it best your song BITCH PLEASE you tryin to make like your little monkey nuts are as big as these you can't be at the top so again BITCH PLEASE as long as your still being out rapped by me
  9. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Guess what Speedo this a double rap attack that's right ZWNs tellin you to step back before you get killed by my almighty raps this is my 2 for 1 bitch watch it pulverize your monkey fat you seem to have a obsession with my bitch are you jealous Speedo? yes I think that's it I guess the truth is that you wish you were me but I'm just as original as fuckin der reise you've been beaten Speedo so why don't you just give up shits about to hit the fan your not a monkey just a little hairy man so step off your high horse before you get gored by this already won war I shall have the Last word in this rap fight I told you Speedo I've been slayin since the first fuckin night
  10. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Speedo I'm toying with you like Sam and her dollies I'm bout to send your punk ass runnin back to your mommy spittin lame raps must be your hobby you think your slick but your just a tiny little flea so don't ever think you can outrap me you say I have the appeal of mitt romney but your have the appeal of a fuckin dead zombie your raps are like a crawler cute but half hearted while my raps are like the panzer soldat always on attack mode now while your collecting your thoughts for another lame ass attack I will conclude that you cannot possibly top that
  11. Zombie Suggestions

    What if zombies could break down walls and other debris throughout the map. This would make it more exciting and possibly even give players a tactical advantage
  12. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Now you better prepare for the tears is bout to fall you'd think id be dead but I'm survivin it all you wish I ate dick but,you've took them all and shoved them up your ass crack with your wack raps and your double tap root beer ZWNs here bitch to kill them all your clips still full when you take the fall to the ground all around zombies wish they can touch me but instead they settle for you and your gaped ass pussy don't ever think you go against me cause I'll slay you like the wunderwffe on call of duty Z
  13. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Brace yourself speedomonkey its about to get rough Not even sure if you can even can understand this stuff see I've read all your petty raps and we all agree that they SUCK and we also agree that the worlds had enough I've been killin them zombies from first fuckin night all the way to Brock and garys own,paradise My raps will blow you away like the T-gun pack a punched and I do believe that I do have a hunch that if you think that you can do better than this than seriously dude you are full of piss
  14. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    What do a gynecolegist and pizza delivery man have in common they both can smell it but they can't eat it
  15. Bus route B - An alternate Version of Tranzit.

    Absolutely excellent