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  1. Sup fuckers? Haven't had much time lately to come around these parts... Anything new? You guys miss me? Even notice I was gone? :-(

    1. CobaltBluGirl


      I miss ya, among others. Especially since I went over to the dark side.

  2. YdaJdiMstr®

    Why do people love this map so much?

    Ascension introduced some amazing features, the rocket, sweet lunar landers, a fun boss round that to this day is awesome to fight to keep perks, a timed free trap, a story driven EE, and a cool objective to open PaP... Unfortunately, it also introduced flippy floppy, in my opinion the worst perk to ever be in a Zs map... It's the same reason Buried is the most played map on BO2... Most people play games to have fun, not to be challenged... Personally, I think Five is the best map... The level of detail is incredible, there are no OP WWs, and it's challenging... Five is the best map for speed runs as far as I'm concerned...
  3. YdaJdiMstr®

    A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    CSAWWWW, what up son? Who said they had this happen? Someone from over on the ATVI site? I mean, other than 8357 here... Unless it was one of us from the main group over there I wouldn't count it as gold, I had a Bioshock from Origins run away from me and jump INTO the map once, doesn't mean I triggered it or that he was actually scared... Also, buddy, pal, I think it's awesome that you're holding out hope for more to TZit... THAT is passion... See you in October/November, yeah?
  4. GGs with dannyfrog on customs this evening... Cool guy

    1. dannyfrog2013


      thanks was fun chaotic at times good jokes banter as well i enjoyed it have to do it again sometime not a bad team either

  5. YdaJdiMstr®

    Tranzit hate???

    Teleporting lamps, toilets that are much bigger on the inside, goblins that like to claw your eyes out, a being that can teleport and fire lightning through it's hands.... Sounds to me that tranzit is the most Harry-Potter-esque map there is. Touche, sir... Again, though, my first experiences with any map are my most memorable... I'd heard the weasels scream from in the fog, but the first time I witnessed a friend step into the darkness and return with one on his face, screaming for help, was incredible... It took us countless games to learn how to PaP... All in all, it goes down as my favorite map of any Zs game to date, but I can understand why some people find it a hassle...
  6. YdaJdiMstr®

    Tranzit hate???

    I, for one, enjoyed TZit... I've never had so much fun trying to figure out a non-existent EE... The atmosphere of TZit is unrivaled by any other map except Nacht Der Untoten... Hearing a Z coming from somewhere in the distance, walking out of the fog moaning, THAT is what CoD Zs should be... I hate the Harry Potter Magic Wand bullshit that is Origins...

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