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  1. So finally picked up exo zombies after pressure from friends. A lot of fun to play. Pretty much just the same as a Treyarch map, but needs a little more depth in future DLC.

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    2. DeathBringerZen


      Also... not being able to pause on solo is unforgivable if you ask me. SH obviously did not learn from the mistakes that Extinction made. High rounds are rules out unless that is address, and being a CoD game we know it won't. :(

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      It is exciting, @DeathBringerZen, it's quite "edgy" because of the fast paced nature but yes. Treyarch fans will admit, that a certain "spark" is missing.

      None the less, I'm surprised at how well they did with the mode and I enjoy it as well. Although I've spent over £100 - aI'm glad I like the game, it cost me £50 for the game, then £35 just to play zombies, I also got the DLC for the boy, so that was another £35.

      I would have been angry if it was a let down, 1st map though gives promis.