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  1. Playing this trash cod, i find myself torn as to what to call it. i have 2 names that are apropo; advanced wallbreach, or regressed warfare. both are obvious: wall breaches are common and the game its a huge step backwards for cod. which do you like more?

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    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      i like advanced warfare far more than ghosts. Sure there are some flaws, but overall its really fun

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Considering the advancements never before made in COD, I think AW turned out pretty good.

    4. 83457


      I'm talking about what humorous name to call this trash. I know that some people like it. Heck I'm playing it, despite finding it the worst cod since bo1. This is about titles, not reviews.

      :) So if you like it, maybe advanced wallbreach is more fitting, but if you hate it, maybe regressed warfare would be best?