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  1. Shadows of Evil: Tips, tricks and Points of Interest

    I found a little tip for when you are looking for the symbols in the windows to get your sword. The Canal symbol can be seen on foot. After unlocking the first door to the canals, go left up the stairs, and continue to the top of the second set of stairs. Now turn to the right and face the Silence is Golden sign. Look above the sign and you can see the circular window with the symbol. Jump to get a better look.
  2. Shadows of Evil highest round

    Only round 6 so far. Still learning the map and shaking the rust off. One of my random teammates was named InfestLithium, and I remembered that name from here. Hey friendo!
  3. The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Nice list, thanks. Can you list all possible box locations please?
  4. gateway to hell or argatha?

    I was standing next to the dog and shooting zombies and it just floated up. I thought it was a reward for feeding the dog but I haven't gotten a drop from the dog any other times. sorry
  5. gateway to hell or argatha?

    I had a fire sale come floating up this hole and through the grates. I didnt know about the 20 points per grenade. interesting
  6. Alright! zombies comin to the Bay. My home. The picture of the cell blocks in the video is how they look in real life. I believe each block had a street name too, like Broadway.
  7. Let's Talk Leaks

    I like the leaked loading screen pictures, even if they're faked. I appreciate the effort. A picture can't hurt, but gameplay footage would be wrong. But I understand the site has a policy, so it should be followed.
  8. Revolution should now be downloadable!

    Thank You Electric Penguin!! I have been trying for a F'ing hour to download this in the zombies screen. Why the hell didn't Treyarch make it clear? I was getting VERY frustrated. Thank you Thank you Thank you
  9. Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    Ditto. I really enjoy following someone from the other team for a while and just standing behind them, in front of them, constantly knife them. You can kind of tell when you've mind (bleeped) them too. I try go get just enough kills to get what I need and then just lead rape trains to downed opponents or to the box location. Douche it to the limit!