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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Maybe Gregor Grip could be like Quick Revive in Solo and you can only buy it twice, and yeah i agree with it being more money. Also 10,000 thats not overpowered, i usually play with my friends we get up to round 30 but they also keep going down and spamming the box, eventually racking up the most points, and they rarely get to 10,000. I know we like to make the game harder but sometimes harder isnt always better, look at ascension or der reise, they are some of the funnest maps (opinion) but theyre also probably the easiest.
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    Yeah maybe have like a helicopter, where people can get on and you can only use it once every like 2 or 3 round for 2000 dollars, and itll take you across the map and you can shootdown on the hordes for like 20 or 30 seconds and then it brings you back down on another airfield or beach across the map, like the "gateway to hell"/ quarantine map that never was
  3. Disappointment in Zombies

    I like the style of the old maps much better, half of the stuff they add in is crap. But dont lose hope me and all my teenage friends agree that playing der reise, verruckt, and shi no numa, and ascension are 10x better than shangri-la or moon
  4. Zombie Suggestions

    Name: World's Fair Location: Dresden, Germany Time Period: 1949 How the characters got there: The original crew was trying to get back to area 51 to use the weapons that were developed by the Americans to stop Richtofen, now that Richtofen is in command of the moon station he over loaded the telepoter and sent the crew back to 1949 midst the war torn ruins of Dresden, Germany where a decade ago a Worlds's fair was held. After this map the crew must battle through war torn and zombie infested Europe among other places around the world to set the stage for other maps What's on the map: You can now have 5 perks Pack-a-Punch - to activate there are switches around the map Porters Pack-a-Punch 2.0 - this is a take on a machine that i have seen in recent threads where you can combine 2 guns that are already pack-a-punched or double packa punch one weapon, this machine would cost 5000 this can be turned on after you do the first 3 steps of the easter egg The number of zombies on a map has expanded from 24 to 35 Traps - a broken teleporter in the basement when activated can teleport a max of 10 zombies to a different part of the map - this costs 500 - the normal door electric traps cost 1500 - these are scarttered throughout the map Perks: Juggernog - 2500 Speed Cola - 3000 Double tap - 2000 Quick Revive - 1500/500 (solo) Stamin Up - 3000 PHD Flopper - 2000 Deadshot Daiquiri - 1500 Mule Kick - 4000 All in Ale - this increases the effect of all of your perks, such as 3 more hits for juggernog, even faster speed cola and a faster switch between weapons with mule kick, this costs - 2000 Easter Eggs - 2 radios of new reports on the fair and what has been discovered (perks) - 2 radios found in the mid to lower levels that describe the wonder weapons, this area is only for scientists and is not open to the public - you must uncover one of the viril generators that is in the middle of the facility and destroy it: Step 1. throw a gersch device into the fountain, then watch as metallic tube comes down from the ceiling covered in viril-ya writing plugs the fountain Step 2. from the the top floor outside of the pack-a-punch room throw 3 grenades into the opening of the tube Step 3. circle up 10 zombies and teleport them to inside the tube, do this 3 times Step 4. Activate pack-a-punch and the tube comes back down and all 30 of the zombies spring out at once in the main area, what is revealed is a giant viril-ya generator Step 5. kill alll of the zombies, and activate the switch located in the wonder weapon room to disarm the generator. What weapons set is on there - The box is not roaming on this map. There is are all of the cold war weapons in one mystery box on the middle floor, all of the WaW weapons (browning,flamethrower,mg42, ppsh, thompson, fg42, trench gun, ptrs sniper, mp40, and the Stg-44) in a mystery box on the top floor and bowie knife is also on the map, which you can put on a gun as a bayonet after you double upgrade it What Wonder Weapons? - all of the wonder weapons, except for the zap gun will be on the map in a room in the basement, to get to this room you must open a 3500 dollar door, inside the room is every wonder weapon as a wall gun for 2000 dollars a piece, there is a new wonder weapon - The Luckshot 225, it shoots a stream of acid that is like the flamethrower but it melts the zombies within 2 to 15 seconds, it depends on where you hit them, how far away you are and how high of a round you are on. There will only be hellhound rounds every 5 -6 levels, and all of the zombies are just normal german scientists, but there will be a max of 35 zombies at a time. There are 3 floors, 5 rooms on the middle floor, 1 is the starting room where it welcomes guests to the 1939 Worlds Fair in Dresden, Another room contains a large fountain, a perfect room for kiting - here it also contains the power room in a separate small conference room overgrown with plants and and vines from not being taken care of, this fountain room is connected by a hallway to an elevator, which may go down stairs (the World of Tommorow area) in the middle of this medium sized room there is a broken teleporter which can not only teleport you but if you activate it right can teleport 10 zombies to a different part of the map. if you open a door next to this room there is the wonder weapon room, with in the middle a random perk machine, this can give you any perk for 1000 dollars, but it is random On the top floor there is a sniping area, here you can snipe into the fountain room or camp. If you activate the switches n the map the pack a punch room will open which is up the stairs from the sniping balcony, this balcony is like a large area of stage lights projecting into the fountain room, but tight spaces - this area makes up all of the top floor. New Power-Ups: there are no new power ups Achievements: - If it ain't broke, don't fix it! - 25 G use the teleporter to teleport yourself 3 times, and teleport zombies 4 other times - Look what youve done to the place! - 50 G complete the easter egg - Anyone for Zombie Soup? - 15 G use the Luckshot exclsively to kill 150 zombies - What were you thinking? -30 G get all 8 perks from the random perk machine in game - Well you fancy huh? - 15 G use the Porters Pack-a-Punch 2.0 twice in one game I also think a world war 1 map would be cool as it is described in another thread