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  1. hi, long time no talk

  2. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Dempsey Please...
  3. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Here's my pic for the Nikolai Group, I'm certainly moving up in the world.
  4. You're Banned!

    you're banned because those where terrific ginger puns. I ban myself, becuase you got hair color problems i feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a soul ain't one..
  5. You're Banned!

    your banned for not understanding the previous bans... I ban myself for being a ginger...
  6. You're Banned!

    Your banned for being in the verruckt clan
  7. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Carepack received. SideNote: We are now capable of Dual Pack a punch, Pie and I shall set up a teleporter mainframe for anyone who wants to Dual PaP, and oh yeah, I found some old Teleporter Equipment just lying around, is Faust available to chopper any teleporters to those who need them?
  8. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    *Begin Transmission* piepwns and i have been fighting zombies for three days now, He's out of PaP ammo for his ppsh and we're down to our last clip on every thing else, please send food and ammo, on the plus side, I found another PaP machine to put the other PaP machine in to make it go faster... I've decided to call it: Vodstok's X2 Pack-a-Punch Machine I'm currently in the middle of experimentation to see if we now have the capabilities to pack-a-punch guns twice in a row. *End Transmission*
  9. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    piepwns, i have landed, pack your ppsh and lets kick some ass... FTW
  10. You're Banned!

    I'm banning both of us for being so active on this thread...
  11. You're Banned!

    your banned for hating. but more importantly, your banned for hating on futurama. also, I have chosen yet again to ban myself for banning someone for multiple purposes.
  12. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    I will join pie and take my pack-a-punch machine with me, also, I found a thundergun just lying around, I also have a Galil with me.
  13. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    piepwns, I have a PaP machine in my heli for your PPsH, is the LZ clear?
  14. You're Banned!

    you're banned for trying to exploit my location...