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  1. Please Explain the Zombie Infection

    This actually makes sense but its creepy to know that if a fungus for humans at this level.....I mean dead people with plants growing out of their belly button..
  2. Please Explain the Zombie Infection

    haha i love the responses. ThanX guys for the feedback and have found my answer . :)
  3. Well, i remember one day reading some where here on the forums the most accurate explanation for a zmbie infection as in the scientific analysis. I couldn't find it so if someone could link me to that article. Remember it saying that the frontal lobe of the brain is decayed and stuff like that. PLEASE! i need to prove my friends wrong that it is theoretically possible for a zombie. THanX
  4. Maybe found something...?

    :O contacting aliens maybe???? :shock:
  5. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    Far fetched eh? :)
  6. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    Wow never thought it like that that's pretty kool [brains]'s to you good job
  7. 31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    Nice find [brains]'s for you sir, i did read somehwere that a plane was nicknamed Rochotfen on Wikipedia but i didn't look much into it and that is very kool my friend
  8. The Monkey Bomb has Returned

  9. The Monkey Bomb has Returned

    Threw you some [brains]s, good eye! Just for that i'll give you some too
  10. The Monkey Bomb has Returned

    In the picture top left corner it looks like the zombies are getting Freaky ;)
  11. Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    I really dont care if im paying $15 for one map, to me i feel like im getting my moneys worth, zombies has always been great so im not complaining
  12. Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    I highly doubt the quality will be affected because it never was an issue im pretty sure they were working on this by the time they released Escalation, like they were working on projects at the same time, who knows maybe there releasing this so they can make map pack 4