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  1. Welp there goes my excitement....

    Ascension, Moon and Kino all had trailers.
  2. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I will check the day die rise comes out! I am excited to see how the storyline develops in revolution.
  3. New map is in Japan

    lolz Second i know this is a little off topic but did anyone notice that the zombies eyes are white?? Dose that have any meaning? Or have all the DLC zombie pics looked like that? Just a glitch with lighting when you get close to the zombies
  4. Richtofen easter egg new clue?

    Maybe, but then why would it start only a couple days ago? Seems strange.
  5. Richtofen easter egg new clue?

    My friend, who has only done the Richtofen easter egg, in the past few days had seen the zombies eyes change from blue to white. He did the easter egg about 3 weeks ago and has not done anything else to interfear it since. They only turn white when under or near the ToB and since yesterday occaianally by the diner. We have no clue what to make of this so i posted on the forums to see what you guys think. Any questions please ask i will be happy to answer asap. -Saleen
  6. What gun is in your fridge?

    MMS SLDGE HAMR! /owned
  7. What gun is in your fridge?

    you can't put the 1911, but you can put the Mustang and sally in it :)
  8. Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    I told u guys I was right :D
  9. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    I and most people I play with retained all our Earnables. but, there are numerous reports stating people have lost them at one time or another. Especially the Boards. I lost quick revive after the update and then earned it back...strange
  10. Can you guys catch me up please?

    I can think of 30 changes right off the bat -Storing money across games -Storing guns across games -Tombstone perk -Greif & tranzit mode -Bus -Perminant perks -Ranking system -Green run & Nuketown -EMP nades -Riot shields -Portable stuff -Denzims jump on your face -New boss And much more
  11. Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    It is super affective with 4 players all using it in one spot. You can easily cut off hallways with them.
  12. Zombies sold separate...?

    I don't blame you for multiplayer...but campain, that was accually impressive. You most likely won't enjoy the campain if you did these things: Stopped after the 3rd or 4th mission. Have not played Black ops 1 campain Do not understand the storyline Do not like campaigns with several endings & hard decisions. Failed to customized your load out Personally I would value the campain at 35$
  13. TREYARCH leaked stuff already! Found it in game!

    You sure, I checked but if there is one I'm sorry I didn't see it.
  14. TREYARCH leaked stuff already! Found it in game!

    Thank you for the brains it is so hard to get brains these days :/
  15. Hey Saleenseven here, so I was looking around in the leader boards and I saw moon, so I was like why not check it out? So it said high score, rounds survived, and no mans land? Whats that? i made a video about it so you know what i am talking about. Video: http://youtu.be/svh6XXbV2CQ any ways what are your ideas about this? No mans land in solo? will we have to say in a area for as long as possible?