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  1. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    Interesting, as you say, possible bull, but nonetheless, interesting.
  2. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    Why have you changed the topic to "it works"? Nothing here has been confirmed or anything
  3. The Roof

    What doesn't seem to occur to some people is that it can't be the building shaking due to the power, if you turn the power on, the theatre shakes, if you spend 3 round in the theatre then go into spawn room, the spawn room shakes, if the power caused the damage it would be simultaneous throughout the building wouldn't it....? Definitely something up there
  4. The Roof

    I think there definately is something up there, some say its the building crumbling due to the power being on, some say its the little gassy crawlers, but if you listen, it genuinely is just one thing as a pose to a hundred growling at the same time, plus if you actually look up, the bits of roof dont just fall off, they drop at some serious speed, as if they have been hit from the top