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  1. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the possibility of the dog being the one and only Fluffy! We never knew what happened with her after that little incident, but now that there are tons of zombies in Alcatraz back in the 1930's because of time travel, why can't Fluffy join the party? Everyone is saying this map could reveal all of the origins of the zombies, box, and all other stuff so why not reveal Fluffy's misadventures?
  2. PokeDanny10

    What the "Future" quote actually means

    Nebok, I don't think you understand that in Black Ops 2 we are getting experimental weapons, not the actual, completed thing. How many times have we seen Treyarch place stuff in their games that weren't supposed to be in the games timeline? Hundreds and thousands of times. But who know? Maybe you are correct. Let's just wait 'till we get the trailer.
  3. PokeDanny10

    CoDz - PTG - Twodown ***My Thoughts***

    I am completely agreeing with you Carbon. Right now I am sending a PM to PTG on youtube. I am apologizing for everything I have done, from starting flame wars to disliking every song they released, even though I liked it. Just because those songs were from a site/band that I hated for the hoax, it doesn't mean I have to hate on them even though they were quite good. I would love to play with Benn, and even talk with him sometimes...as friends. I have to say that I am not in completely agreement with them saying 'Z' is completely true, and some comments saying they are the best thing ever. Anyone has their opinions anyways. I also forgive them about all the HL and GKNOVA0 stuff, but you have to give them props because it was believable. Now I am out of here
  4. PokeDanny10

    IGN's crappy review

    Sorry to bump an old topic, but Treyarch did include wager matches, COD points and new equipment. And IGN says: Familiar multiplayer... Say IGN, if black ops didnt include this new awesome things, it will still be bad, just like COD 4 and MW2 didnt had familiar multiplayer right?
  5. PokeDanny10

    zomb1e zongz

    o1vGvQvfeq4 ^ The One Beauty of Annahilation OSyKvO5wXjU 115 bOcXB_Kj0BE Lullaby for a Dead Man kHXlTnOdpbs ELENA SIEGMAN FTW!
  6. PokeDanny10

    IGN's crappy review

    I mean, 8.5?!?!? Modern warfail 2 got an 9.5. SRLY, IGN?! I think IGN hates Treyarch, because W@W was awesome, better than MW. IGN, you fail!
  7. PokeDanny10

    Request userbars for your signatures

    Carbon, could you please make me 2?... Please :| The following one is related to an anime/manga, so I dont know if you know it, if not, please google it :| . One should say Death Note in the center (if you can, with the death note font) with an apple in the center background and Light's eyes (maybe the "Kira" eyes) and L's eyes in the other side. (Deadshock may know about Death Note) And the other would be an Infamous 2 one (feel free to make it like you want) and in the center PokeDanny10 with the things around the video in this link. That will add a cool effect... Thanks Carbon :D

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