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  1. Gold camo confirmed!

    Nice find! yeah i love raping people with my gold AK...... [brains] for you!
  2. We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    Acutally now i just want this to happen. i along with im sure a lot of other people will but this shirt. Come on carbon!! ;)
  3. We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    i like the idea of any perka-cola shirts. personally i would want on the front- the juggernog poster, or a pic of a player in front of juggernog. on the back the lyrics to the juggernog song! then callofdutyzombies.com somewhere for some free advertising.
  4. Tac insert removed from FFA

    I dont think they should do that. That would make people really pissed, and me (i dont boost)
  5. SPLIT-SCREEN Online

    agreed. zombies split screen was fun.. but the screens didnt take up the whole t.v. (hopefully you know what i mean) also this may just be the option to go into offline split screen.. ialthough i hope not. i would like 2 player split screen online. as well as zombies 2 player split screen online.
  6. Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    oo my bad .. well i dont really care about the game modes as long as they have SND and bring war back
  7. Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    JD_2020 Remember remember the 1st of September; the Killstreaks, Attachments, and Game Modes surrendered! #CODBlackOps #MPReveal 2:18 PM Aug 23rd via Twitter for iPhone Retweeted by you and 100+ others he said it on his twitter. i copyed the words above and here is a link to his twitter. http://twitter.com/JD_2020
  8. Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    i must stress josh olin has said that the will REVEAL ALL GAME MODES on sep.1. they may not go in depth in the co-op, but we will know what it is!

    hopefully your telling the truth.. lol if so your friend is one lucky bastard
  10. More info from Woodys Gamertag

    they needed to take stopping power out. but not bring bCK JUGG. oh well. its not confirmed yet.. we will have to wait until sep. 1
  11. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    http://www.colorantshistory.org/Sterlin ... pChem.html this link acutally has a picutre of an original document that is in the BO files. it is the one where Raymond Foster is going to retire. The people asscoiated with him were arrested for war crimes..
  12. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    i think its weird how the papers are dated.. a document is signed by i think.. ROIL i could be wrong.. his last name is defiently HITLER. In the document he talks about trying the stop the uncureable tubercolosis.
  13. JD_2020 hints at Multiplayer Beta for Black Ops

    no. he is defiently hinting at it. obviously he cant say it yet. but sep.1 is going to be the biggest day before 11.09.10...
  14. Henry is a hoax

    i think it has the possibilty of being real. he has now deleted most recordings. also he keeps saying go to gknova6.com. did he make that website..?