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  1. XPS9686

    So what're y'all gonna do in the meantime?

    Wel what imma do is play ODST Firefight with my friend and play Capmaign in Legendary gonna be hard but still.... and play some MW2 Search and Free-For-All Schoolwise. Dont change nothin cuz im passin all my classes i cant wait 131 more days!!
  2. XPS9686

    Black ops pre-orders surpass MW2

    Lol i think Treyarch is gonna ride out on the fan wave that came out with MW2. Like people are going to get it because it LOOKS like MW2 so the majority of the 10-2 year olds that got MW2 will get this game so its gonna suck, But more noobs to pwn on the plus side
  3. XPS9686


    Thast what i was thinking. Like the one for NDU they had the one where you where attacked by one. Maybe they willl put multiple clips of these screens together and make an intro cutscene. Like you see the people infiltrate and the scientists let loose the zombies the people shoot and thats when you start?
  4. XPS9686

    Henry Langham is a Fake PROOF (Pheonix wright style)

    lol i like number five
  5. XPS9686

    Tac insert removed from FFA

    man no one really uses tactical insertion for "tactical" purposes do they? Use them in a game of demolition so you can attack a bomb site or protect one when you die. This has saved my team many times because of me doing this. And for people complaining about getting spawn killed when you spawn using a tact. insert. thats you're fault for putting it in a place they can find it.
  6. XPS9686

    Black Ops Theme Song

    metallica is a part of rock so theres no reason for them to be on the list lol
  7. XPS9686

    Boosting = Starting Over?

    True Tactical Insertions made boosting easier and quicker.(also helpd me get SitRep Pro lol). But stop hating on Tacticals. They do have a use, like I play Demolition alot i run to the back of their spawn and put one down so i awlays flank them
  8. XPS9686

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    sometimes when i play solo the moon is just gone. like not there. cuz i was playing idk why i looked up and saw a big space of....black. i was like wtf? then i was like where the fuck is the damn moon?
  9. XPS9686

    Whats ur Favorite upgraded Gun?

    the C-130 b1a-tch3,5 the Longinus, or...... i would say.... Gutshot
  10. XPS9686

    More info from Woodys Gamertag

    lol we still dont have the capacity to make a perfect game. whatever gets made people are going to have issues man thats happened with every game 'cept Pong cuz that game was tight. PAvelow is a cool killstreak but it should be at a higher kill thing like 11 not no 9. and chopper gunner should be at least 15 or 17
  11. XPS9686

    Stimulus VS resurgence map packs

    meh i only get add-ons for games i REALLY like or zombies. nah just zombies lol
  12. XPS9686

    What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    my highest was 26. the game was long and i got hungry so that was bad. and had to decide whether to starve and keep playin or grab sumthin real quick and lose so i chose the food. and turned out to be a bad choice lol

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