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  1. Kino 2025 for Black Ops II

    I think Treyarch should release an update for TranZit, A fan favorite map from WaW/BO, And a map that includes the original characters. But honestly where are the original characters gonna go after moon?
  2. Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    Has anyone tried hitting it with Galvaknuckles? seeing how it powers the drawer to share points it could do something else???
  3. dlc talk

    Someone please think about this one. The prison jumpsuit zombies...Or so I thought There's a patch on the uniform that says "Hanford Sanatarium" Sound familliar? On a side note, A prison map would be epic Jeffro
  4. What gun is in your fridge?

    There's actually a funny glitch with Mustang & Sally. If their in the fridge and you start a new game, go directly to farm a grab them, put them back in and you have no weapon... The zombie walk is back I guess you could say (You can't really do much with the glitch... Except knife super fast)
  5. Difference between Green Run and Tranzit?

    Ha, who knows? itn could be the name of the easter egg/"mission". :|
  6. Picture Library- Read and Inform Yourself

    Haha wow I hope tranZit is round based if not were gonna have a hard time trying to do the easter egg... Let alone figuring out what to do next :lol:
  7. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    ok I need 3 players for tomorrow 7PM EST round 40 and higher DEMPSEY FTW!!!!!!
  8. Easter egg over?

    just a theory but has anyone noticed samantha's face on the wall if you look at thesyndicateproject's video breakdown you can see a face on the wall.Could this possibly find her??? :?: :?: :?: