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  1. freakbag tofty

    New perk is NOT dual weild

    I get that I was just wondering if there was a reason you had to take it off at all once you had. Maybe the suit decreases your mobility but gives you protection against the nova gas from the gas crawlers? I beleive that we go into areas with 0 air, like go outside of the buildings so you need to breath and perhaps it has a limited amount of oxygen in it so you have2 to take it off every now and again to recharge the air supply
  2. freakbag tofty

    Who do you think had the worst death in the cod series?

    now THAT would have made my day, however, that sounds like something dempsey would say in his bad-ass way :twisted:
  3. freakbag tofty

    Who do you think had the worst death in the cod series?

    Even though he was a backstabbing git, I'd have to say Shepherd had the worst death. i mean come-on! he had a 4 inch f-ing knife through his eye, though, i suppose it is his fault for looking up, lol :lol:
  4. freakbag tofty

    Richtoffen is Sam's Dad?!

    yeah i was thinking that when i heard the transmissions, but why would she ask her 'father (maxis) whom she adored for getting her a dog, why he has forsaken her to a life of immortality, i'm not sure about you but i'd love to be immortal, well, for a century or two... then ofcourse theres the fact that richtoffen in shi no numa, der riese and kino seems to know fluffy well, almost as though HE raised fluffy..
  5. freakbag tofty

    Favourite PaP Combination-Whats Yours?

    i'm versatile when it comes to weaponry, but my favourite has to be the porters X2 raygun and either the preadator (commando) or H115 oscillator. its easy to run with the raygun and clear the path and also you can point-build majorly with the commando or hk, as mine and my friends stratagy involves using the teleporter and the traps alot. If you don't mind i'm just going to mention my favourite WAW zombies PAP combo- raygun (again) and either the PPSH or MG42 since the automatics are point builders and great killers into the high rounds and the raygun is just a back-up to clear the path for anybody or to get a power.
  6. freakbag tofty

    Richtoffen is Sam's Dad?!

    that is what we have thought so far, i am just wondering whether or not we are correct, in any of the radio messages does it say that her surname is maxis?
  7. freakbag tofty

    Richtoffen is Sam's Dad?!

    Now this is just something I picked up and thought i'd try it out, i was listening to lullaby for a dead man and the verse that goes "father, why have you forsaken me?" now before, we assumed that it was just sam asking her father why her? but with the release of ascension, and one of richtoffens quotes being "now we've talked about the sam" in a 'fatherly' tone, i'm begging to suspect that sam is actually richtoffens daughter.. please don't flame, please discuss :D
  8. freakbag tofty

    the question marks on the map

    it could be but there are many more spawn points than the question marks.
  9. freakbag tofty

    the question marks on the map

    yeah, that map, sorry new to this and forgot to put that in. it isn't the mystery box locations due to the fact that the interactive map shows where they are, it could be spawn points but one point is inside the boarded up area as i can find no entrance to it. radios, is another no, as the interactive map again has pointed the locations out. teddy locations is one i have not tried. thanks for your help, when i find the game i'll look into the teddy locations or see if i can find anything of my own.
  10. freakbag tofty

    the question marks on the map

    I've been thinking about this for ages and i can't seem to figure out what they are actually for. I've looked on the interactive map on the site (great look by the way) and it doesn't say what they are. anyone have any idea what they are or for? i would look into the myself, but my game is missing at the moment so any thoughts would help (i have moved this topic into this section as i feel it is more appropriate here)
  11. freakbag tofty

    What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    highest round i've got to is 32 or 33 that was with one other person, but 2 people left us earlier on :x

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