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Die Maschine, from the looks of it, was quite enjoyable, I hope FBZ and the maps that follow will be the same just with a better Side Quest for those that care about the eggs. : P 

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I'm curious to what it will be. I think it is both weird and interesting that it is set in Vietnam, but almost 10 years after the war. How will they manage that? I'm also quite interested in how the story will go now, because previous map really was the intro and Firebase Z determines the way how the developers have decided to continue the story. 

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Hopefully once this second map comes out, the community will be a bit more lively with map circulation being in effect instead of only having Die Maschine to play on. I think that's a big issue with a lot of people I've seen, they are burnt out because of only having Die Maschine which while fun can get very repetitive just as any map can if you only play the one map for months. 

As for the map itself, seems promising from what we have so far. The Blightgwa will hopefully not have the lunging capabilities the Plaguehounds have, but I expect to see it do something unique as opposed to being a mostly tanky boss like the Rad Daddies Megatons. Maybe even take a page out of Extinction and make it nimble and agile, able to move on the walls and ceiling quickly and ferociously in attempts to attack the team. 


With this being practically confirmed to be in Vietnam, I'm curious if they plan to integrate Agent Orange into the mix? The damage done not only to the environment but developmental issues in animals and humans could play some kind of role in zombie variants, lore, possibly even gameplay (bringing back the Gas Masks from ZnS).

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On 1/15/2021 at 3:05 AM, Hells Warrrior said:

Who is hyped for DLC 1? Looks like it's going to be a decent map, what's everyone's thoughts?

Im interested to see what comes back from aether. I dont think sam is the only one and im super curious to see what the dark aether has done in terms of lore. I feel like were going to see bits of summit though. Going to be interesting since its a whole new map when everyone was like “fire base Z u mean shi no numa remake!” And i honestly dont see that happening now. Tho there may be parts of shi no numa i dont think itll be like nach and die machine though. Im excited. Oh and the R i dont think is richtofen sadly. Though i do still have hopes. I think thats all they are

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