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Die Maschine Season 1 Intel


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This thread will be updated as more are found.

Requiem (3/3)

Audio Logs (2)

"Exo-Element 1" (In Med Bay on table opposite the computer) - Doctor Vogel discovers an element from the Dark Aether as the source of his men's transformation. It is classified as Exo-Element 1.


Vogel: Vogel. 16th of March, 1944. We have finally isolated an unknown element in the men who were transformed by the cyclotron accident. And even at this early stage, it is clearly a remarkable substance.

Vogel: For now, we have classified it as "exo-element one." Kurtz suggested "Vogelium." *tsk* Such an ass-kisser.

Vogel: The current theory is that, at sufficient concentrations, exo-element one triggers the horrific transformations experienced by the men closest to the cyclotron rift.

Vogel: I am currently designing a chamber to withdraw exo-element one from the occupant. My hope is to somehow purify the men and reverse their necrotic condition.

Vogel: If we can learn to control the necrotization process, I believe it could be weaponized. Imagine: an army of unkillable soldiers. Even at this late point in the war, I may have found the key to saving the Reich.

"New Orders" (To the right of Deadshot Daiquiri and left of Plaguehound Gas tank in front of DIE blueprints) - Doctor Vogel and Doctor Kurtz discuss their new orders from the Reichstag.


Vogel: Dr. Kurtz. You have memorized the new orders, yes? Did you burn after reading?

Kurtz: Ja, Vogel. And I thought security was tight before the accident. Do you think we can actually accomplish what the Reichstag is asking for?

Vogel: I would not have suggested it if I did not think it was achievable. But let us guard against overconfidence.

Vogel: If we do not deliver, they will find someone who can. And I am not about to give up control of this discovery.

Vogel: All we need is to send through a few volunteers to measure the specific relativistic differential--

Kurtz: Volunteers?! Would you take on such a task?

Vogel: Mind your words, Dr. Kurtz. I would hate for someone to question your commitment.

Kurtz: You...are recording this?

Vogel: What we do now will ensure the Chancellor's dream of a thousand-year Reich. There must be a record.



Documents (1)

"Doctor Vogel Entry 203" (Dropped from Megatons) - An entry torn from Doctor Vogel's Personal Diary, chronicling the Incident and its aftermath. Uranverein has taken great interest in Projekt Endstation's discovery.


Entry 203

9 March 1944

Dr. Ulrich Vogel


The last few days have been a blur, but I must record these events regardless of how preposterous they will seem.


We activated the cyclotron at 10:03 pm two nights ago. I knew immediately Dr. Kurtz's modifications had gone too far. There was a sound like a high-pitched turbine crossed a human scream. Then it looked as if the air itself ripped open and the radiation alarms went off. I immediately tried to cut the cyclotron's power, but the machine continued humming along.


Whatever energies were released, they had a profound effect on the men standing within ten feet of the breach. They fell where they stood, only to rise again, moaning and screaming, their flesh necrotized. As they attacked the rest of the staff, I ordered the Cyclotron chamber sealed. We have since captured our "undead" personnel and placed them under observation. But I have no idea why any of them are still conscious since not one has a pulse or any ordinary life signs.


While I help the medical staff try to find a way to reverse these men's condition, Dr. Kurtz has been studying the strange "tear" that manifested on the cyclotron. He posits that it is actually a hole in spacetime and that another world can be glimpsed through it. Furthermore, there seems to be a strange relativistic discrepancy between us and this other "dimension," for lack of a better term. We immediately reported all of this to our superiors at Uranverein.


Rather than a reprimand, Berlin responded with great interest, encouraging us to further study the spacetime rift. This is now our top priority. Atomic weapons research is on the back burner.


The thought that we have accessed a dimension where time passes at a different rate presents us with a remarkable tactical opportunity. The Fuhrer himself understands the implications. He has taken a personal interest in Projekt Endstation. And that is one man I dare not disappoint.



Omega (5/5)

Audio Logs (2)

"Turning Point" (On table in front of chalkboard near Stamin-Up) - Doctor Aleksandra Valentina, Lead Scientist of Omega Group's Psychotronics Research, reports that she has given the order to reactivate the Projekt Endstation cyclotron.


Valentina: This is Dr. Aleksandra Valentina, Psychotronics Research Lead for Omega Group. It is the 1st of November, 1983.

Valentina: I have just given the order to reactivate the Projekt Endstation particle accelerator. It is a monumental moment in Soviet history. Some, including myself, might even call it a turning point.

Valentina: Two officers have volunteered for the task. Their courage and sacrifice represent the pinnacle of Soviet strength. Their names will be echoed through Lubyanka's halls. They will be remembered as heroes.

Valentina: It has all happened so quickly. Four months of research, testing, planning and staging. I must thank Chairman Chebrikov, Chairman Andropov and the rest of the Politburo. Without their support, Operation Undertaker would not have been possible.

Valentina: With the cyclotron's reactivation, not only will we reopen the dimensional gate first discovered by the Germans forty years ago... but also additional dimensional gates around the globe.

Valentina: With these new gateways opened, we will proceed to Phase 2 and begin the real work: research of this new dimension, and the development of new technologies.

Valentina: These technologies will be critical to our future. It is the turning point that will put us well ahead of our enemies in the West.

Valentina: We were the first. We are the last.

"Next Phase" (At crash site in very back corner against sandbags) - Doctor William Peck, Lead Scientist of Omega Group's Exoscientific Phenomena Research, reports that Operation Undertaker was a success, paving the way for the next phase of Omega Group's plan.


Peck: Personal Log. Dr. William Peck, November 3rd, 1983.

Peck: Operation Undertaker has been declared a... "resounding" success. Intel has reported in from around the globe. We have confirmed the existence of multiple dimensional gates.

Peck: To the surprise of many, including myself, it appears Dr. Valentina's hypothesis was correct. In fact, her results have surpassed expectations.

Peck: Credit where credit is due.

Peck: But now we're on to Phase 2, where my expertise comes into play. I've received a report that a live specimen has already been acquired and transported to my facility for analysis.

Peck: The organisms of this other world are unlike anything I've seen. There is so much we can learn from them. It's not just the creatures, it's these crystalline growths.

Peck: The Colonel wants weapons? Why stop there? We can do so much more.


Documents (3)

"Omega Group Formation" (Dropped from Megatons) - A Government document from the State Security Chairing Committee, approving the formation of KGB Omega Group.


Marked 30 August of the year 1975


On creation of new Spetsnaz special operations unit: Omega Group per order of Yuri Andropov, Chairman for State Security


Effective 30 August, 1975, KGB Omega Group is established to identify, study, and weaponize the types of psychotronic phenomena -- biocommunication, bioinformation and bioenergetics -- first identified in 1924 by the Soviet Committee for Psychical Research and later confirmed at the University of Leningrad Institute for Brain Research and the Czech Coordination Group for Psychotronic Research.


Omega Group will comprise handpicked specialists from the Spetsgruppa Alpha, Spetsgruppa Vympel and Spetsgruppa Smerch. Tactical support for both foreign and domestic operations will be provided by the First Chief DIrectorate. The commanding officer of Omega Group will report directly to the Chairman for State Security.


While Omega Group operations will be military, key personnel are being requisitioned from experimental research programs to investigate possible weapons applications of any exoscientific phenomena encountered. [Note: the Chairman frowns upon the term "supernatural."]


Funding for Omega group will come from the KGB Discretionary Budget and will be disbursed proportionate to the scope of Omega operations. Experimental ordnance will be made available on an ongoing basis. Area of operations is global, but all missions are strictly covert. Neither the Soviet people nor the outside world can be aware of Omega Group's existence or purpose.

"Operation Undertaker" (Dropped from Megatons) - KGB Spetsnaz report on the status of Omega Group Operation Undertaker. Doctor Valentina confirms they are ready to proceed with cyclotron reactivation.


Marked 30 October of the year 1983



23 March: US president Reagan announces Strategic Defense Initiative. If implemented, SDI constitutes a mortal threat to the Soviet Union.

25 March: KGB Chairman Chebrikov assigns new commanding officer to KGB-Spetsnaz Omega Group with orders to restore unit to full readiness and deliver results capable of offsetting the threat of SDI.

26 March: The Colonel orders Omega Group Research and Development team to scour KGB archives.

15 July: Dr. Aleksandra Valentina discovers two reels of film in an intelligence vault sealed since 1945. The content of these films, taken at a German site in Poland codenamed Endstation, is flagged for review by the Chairman of State Security.

2 August: Chebrikov convenes meeting with Chairman Andropov and top members of Politburo, screening the films and proposing the weaponization of the phenomena recorded at Endstation. Within two weeks approval is given for Operation Undertaker to be carried out by the Special Operations Group Omega.


MISSION STATUS: Endstation site in Morasko Meteorite Preserve secured 28 August. Cover story about unexploded ordnance supports armed perimeter to keep locals away. Dr. Valentina and Dr. William Peck began examination of abandoned German scientific equipment. Two months of study by Peck and Valentina confirm Cyclotron and other experimental devices are restored to operational condition. The Colonel is currently dispatching additional Omega teams to Endstation for particle accelerator re-start. Results will be provided to the Chairman after 2 November.


Dr. Aleksandra Valentina

Psychotronics Research Lead - Omega Group

"Khe Sanh Site" (Dropped from Megatons) - KGB Spetsnaz report detailing the next phase of Omega Group's operation. Construction has begun on a new facility in Vietnam.


Marked 17 November of the year 1983

RE: Operatslya [redacted]

AUTHOR: Dr. William Peck



16 August: Operation Undertaker is given formal approval to be carried out by Special Operations Group Omega.

1 November: Operation Undertaker is completed. Dimensional gateways open around the world, including one near the Huong Hoa district of Quang Tri province, Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

8 November: Chairman Chebrikov comes to an agreement with Chairman Pham Van Dong to construct a KGB-Spetsnaz Omega Group facility outside District Capital Khe Sanh.

9 November: Approval is given for Operation [redacted] to be carried out by Special Operations Group Omega.

11 November: Construction begins for Omega Group site near Khe Sanh.



Omega Group Operations site secured near Khe Sanh on 11 November. Cover Story about recently discovered US chemical weapon being accidentally detonated has successfully resonated throughout the community. Site construction has begun, with completion anticipated by 15 February. The Colonel has expressed in using site to begin testing on [redacted]. Additionally, Operation [redacted] will focus on further testing with [redacted text]. Formal request to begin curating volunteers for experimentation has been submitted. Pending approval, expect our first full report before March.


Dr. William Peck

Exoscientific Phenomena Research Lead - Omega Group


Maxis (3/3)

Radio Transmissions (3)

"The New Threat" (On a table to the left of the tunnel in the Pond area) - Agent Maxis suspects Omega Group's research is far ahead of Requiem's.


Maxis: Hate to break it to you, but this event isn't an isolated incident. Russian forces are mobilizing in multiple locations across the world, and right now you're weeks -- if not months -- behind them.

Maxis: I wasn't sure at first but now I know who they are -- a little known offshoot of the KGB known as the Omega Group.

Maxis: I'd seen mention of their activities a few times over the years, but I'd never given it much credence... up until recently.

Maxis: What the fuck is "exo-science" anyway?

"Divided Loyalties" (On a table to the left of the tunnel in the Pond area) - Agent Maxis muses on the shifting geopolitical landscape and the loyalties of Requiem's Striketeam.


Maxis: So right now, I'm looking at the big, bad Russian boogeyman that we know as Omega, and then, on the other side, there's you: a CIA-backed department known as Requiem.

Maxis: You know much about them? Or do you just follow orders? I suspect the latter, and I thank you for your service.

Maxis: This isn't me ragging on your operation. God knows me and Weaver got a history and a whole lot in common. But there's always the question... the worry... of divided loyalties.

Maxis: Weaver's half Russian. I'm German. Who were you fighting in World War Two? You sure you know who the enemy is now?

Maxis: This is a new landscape. None of this is what any of us are used to.

Maxis: I'm going to do my part while you do yours. I think there's a lot more to this than we know.

"Shared History / Old Friends" (On a table to the left of the tunnel in the Pond area) - Agent Maxis provides some insight into her history with Officer Weaver.


Maxis: I want you to know that I've been in your shoes, and you can trust Weaver. He is a good man to have in your corner. A good boss.

Maxis: Back in the '70s West Germany was a major investor and supplier to Iran. In exchange for oil and gas, we propped up their steel industry and aided their nuclear power program.

Maxis: I was there in '79 when the revolution kicked off. Western intelligence agencies coordinated with the CIA to ensure the Shah's safe extraction to the US, but a lot of diplomats and citizens weren't so lucky. Me included.

Maxis: If it wasn't for Weaver's intervention and willingness to go off the books, I'd be a forgotten memory by now.

Maxis: Trust me. Trust me. For now, I'm going to have to go dark. I'm en route to meet a contact in Southeast Asia. He says he knows exactly what Omega Group is planning.


Dark Aether (10/10)


Audio Logs (2)

"Lost Souls: Fritz" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - We thought this mission would be quick. How hopeful we were...


Fritz: We all thought... we thought this mission would be quick. This plan came straight from the top.

Fritz: How hopeful we were, taking that first step. Victory was ours. But we spent our bullets long ago, and... this place has changed us.

Fritz: I am not... the man I was. I am not... a man at all. I am just... so very tired...

"Lost Souls: Pyotr" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - Atmospheric readings match crystal radiation signatures... personal contamination remains in safety range...


Pyotr: Field report. Lost contact with unit but continue to gather samples until comrades are reacquired.

Pyotr: Atmospheric readings match crystal radiation signature. So this stuff is everywhere. Personal contamination remains in safety range.

Pyotr: Four hostile contacts today. I killed three with small arms fire. The other I... avoided. May attempt engaging after I find my squad.

Pyotr: There is much to explore here. Stand by for additional reports.



Documents (3)

"Day 4,100" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - The Stranger has learned of a powerful overlord.


Day 4,100: Found one of the big ones dead today. Had the impression they left each other alone, but it was clear from wounds they fight among themselves.


There is talk here that one of the "overlords" is hunting the rest. Sounded like crazy talk, especially because some now worship the giants. But I have seen enough to believe it.


If one of the giants is imposing its will on the rest, I shudder to think what new order may emerge.

"Day 13,784" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - Confirmed: these messages are being broadcast to this computer from the Dark Aether. The Stranger is attempting to establish communication.


Day 13,784: Very big development today! Passed through another weak spot and found a device set to frequency I use for broadcasts. My previous transmissions were right there on screen! No longer feel like I am talking to the void.


When I got pulled back here, I set my transmitter to indicate if receiving device has been used. Waiting now for any sign that someone is on the other end.


Feels strange, after all this time, having something to look forward to.

"Hello?" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - Contact.


Hello! You are receiving my messages, yes?


I lost hope anyone was out there.


My friend, whoever you are, keep checking in. Must go now but will contact you soon.



Radio Transmissions (5)


"Alive" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - I am still alive. I am trapped here.


Pyotr: It was supposed to be over quickly -- in and out. But I was separated from the rest of my unit before our extraction.

Pyotr: By the time I got to the exfil point, the equipment had been smashed to pieces. The radio is the only thing still functional

Pyotr: There may be no way back for me now, but I will do my duty till my last breath.

"Gathering" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - The congregations in the valleys grow larger.


Pyotr: Like most souls here, I have stayed away from others since I arrived. But over the last few months I have seen ever larger groups congregating in the valleys. I hear their chants echo through the eternal night.


"Behemoth" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - There is a presence here the scale of which I cannot explain.


Pyotr: I have not seen it, but I know it is there. I've seen the destruction left in its wake... swathes of trees... snapped and broken as though they were twigs.

Pyotr: It moves with purpose, but it is not a purpose I understand. I have not seen it. I hope I never do.


"Dominion" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - A presence here has corrupted the minds of others.


Pyotr: I met an old comrade this morning. His unit were among the first of our soldiers to pass through to this world.

Pyotr: I fear he has lost his mind, as he mostly rambled incoherently, speaking words I could not understand.

Pyotr: From the little I could make out, he claims to have been here for many months. This is not possible. He deployed only one week before I did.

"Horde" (Acquired through trials when there is a folder on the screen) - There is a roar in the deep dark.


Pyotr: I have heard its guttural roar echo through the forests like a wounded animal screaming out in pain. I fear they are becoming an army.


Thanks to @TZ Ghosts for compiling Dark Aether intel and @EricMaynard for Maxis intel. If you have the remaining intel needed, please reach out to me.

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@Castun50 PS has Intel in the Onslaught game mode. 

The Omega Intel Calling Card is not complete because more Omega Intel will be added in future Seasons. 

Notice there are tabs for Pre-Season, Season 1 etc. If you have all Intel for each season then you are up to date. The calling card / challenge will available to unlock in later on

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1 hour ago, PINNAZ said:

@Castun50 PS has Intel in the Onslaught game mode. 

The Omega Intel Calling Card is not complete because more Omega Intel will be added in future Seasons. 

Notice there are tabs for Pre-Season, Season 1 etc. If you have all Intel for each season then you are up to date. The calling card / challenge will available to unlock in later on

any idea what the intel says? I hate that its in onslaught only -.-

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