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Narration & Zombie Control


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Assuming it's the megaton then I'd say Mayak is most likely the specific megaton who's narrating.  I don't think it's Orlov.  The reason being that Mayak' full name is Megaton Overlord, implying that he's in control of all the other megatons.  (Not in a hivemind sense but more of a he's the "General" who's in charge of the soldiers who are all the other megatons).



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There's definitely a Russian accent to the voice, the big tinfoil hat theory I've heard and definitely tried solidifying myself is that Nikolai survived being shot at the end of Tag and is the controller now, after being corrupted by the Dark Aether in an ironic twist.

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As far as we know... well... We don't know. However there are a few candidates.


The First One/Chernabog - Essentially "the big bad". Reformed after Tag Der Toten from Monty and The Shadowman, and very pissed.


Eddie - This one is a thought that I imagine has crossed every one of our minds


Nikolai - as @cluelesshas explained in this thread, there is potential for it to be some variation of the Nikolai we see "die" in Tag Der Toten


Miscellaneous Omega Group member - self explanatory


Unknown - self explanatory

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Considering he has a Russian accent, I think I'd go for option 4: an Omega Group member that was either 'consumed' by the Dark Aether against his will during an experiment going wrong, or took his place voluntary, perhaps with the prospect of power. I think Chernabog may be the entity that has power over him, perhaps even speaks through him, in a similar way of the Warden/Shadowman relation in MotD/BotD.

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