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  1. Wave 100 is a Dark Ops unlock: 'Another Round?'. I've been trying my damnedest to get to 60 from the late 50s without Raygun/Ring of Fire camping. However, every person I've seen achieve "Another Round?" Dark Ops has used the Raygun/Ring of Fire camp. Kind of bums me out, to be honest. Especially when there are Zombies folks complaining that this is one of the easier zombies games.
  2. So far my highest round has been 57. With the double XP, I was trying to farm some of my less enjoyed weapons. Turns out, I like the Pellington 703 w/ Iron Sights a lot more than I ever considered. 57 was achieved with that as well as a Ray Gun. I should've used the chopper gunner to allow the Healing Aura to recharge instead of the monkeys. Clip Link
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