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  1. Wave 100 is a Dark Ops unlock: 'Another Round?'. I've been trying my damnedest to get to 60 from the late 50s without Raygun/Ring of Fire camping. However, every person I've seen achieve "Another Round?" Dark Ops has used the Raygun/Ring of Fire camp. Kind of bums me out, to be honest. Especially when there are Zombies folks complaining that this is one of the easier zombies games.
  2. This is the first I'm learning of Tombstone as a whole. BLOPS II is the only Zombies I have yet to play. Going to be interesting to see what happens. Be neat if they'd show up at Wunderfizz, even if the machines themselves were not available on the maps.
  3. With Der Wunderfizz stocked with Perk-a-Cola's in six of it's ten slots, do you think we'll see a return of other Perk-a-Cola's and have them added into universal Der Wunderfizz machines? Preexisting Perk-a-Cola's not included in the game: Double-Tap Root Beer: Increases Rate of Fire. Electric Cherry: Area of Effect Lightning Damage to Zombies during Player Reloads. Mule Kick: Allows player pharacter to wield three weapons. PhD Flopper: Negates self-inflicting Damage. Vulture's Aid: Zombie's drop ammo, other misc bonuses. Widow's Wine: Zombie's that hit player are temporarily webbed. Imaged sourced from Reddit
  4. Never actually considered the Megaton. By the megaton do you mean Orlov?
  5. I've read a few bits of lore and I don't think I've come across who's narrating/controlling the zombies in Die Machine. Still a mystery?
  6. Deekz, if you're looking for group, may I suggest the Discord? (Link on the top right of the main page or click here). In there you will find a channel called "# [] teammate-finder" I wasn't posting looking for a group. There were intricacies in the Easter Egg that I needed resolved and resolved them I have. For the plasma cutter, the the Weschler Machine (in the Medical Bay) needed to be powered on before spawning. Placing the fuse into the machine can not be done before hand. The fuse/plasma cutter unlock the box on the truck bed in Pond. As for the electrobolt crystals, if they don't spawn in the Dark Aether, I have learned that there are other tasks of the easter egg that can be completed instead. Or, it's just a very bad RNG portal spawn, and they should spawn next Dark Aether Portal. Easter Egg nearly complete. Seems I had a bad spawn with the lighting blocking all entrances to Pond to Exilftrate. Tried to squeeze through one, got stuck in the lightning. After self reviving, was still stuck in the lightning and ended the round. Will try more solo runs today. Pretty sure I can get it. Edit: Added Discord link.
  7. I've come across two issues that have been repeating themselves that don't allow my games to progress the Easter Egg. Going to watch a variety of tutorials and see if I can figure it out, but I find it odd. So far, I've been using the Easter Egg info-graphic seen on Reddit as well as NoahJ's video. While working on the Electrobolt, the third power crystal has yet to spawn. 2 of the lights light up, indicating proper progress, but the crystal in the pond has yet to ever spawn. The plasma cutter in the weapon room has never spawned. I've obtained the fuse. I've read and watched that all of the portals need to have been used in order to spawn it. I'm confident I've achieved such. A bit curious to see if anyone else has had similar issues or maybe even a small technicality I'm overlooking. *goes back to watching videos*
  8. I'm quite fond of the map. I don't find myself inside or in the Dark Aether unless there's a specific task to perform. However, the synergy with looping the player character to the power/pack-a-punch and immediately opening a full circle to the map is pleasant. The displayed quest is a fantastic way to introduce players to the map. It's also a great way to introduce new players to Zombies and the pack-a-punch. Dipping a toe into more than just the map, but also including the map; there are strong elements that are taken from Sledgehammer's WW2. The lack of consumables originally bummed me out, however, the Field Upgrade/Skill is a pleasant addition from WW2. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I believe the Zombies models are also from WW2. (Though, why is it referred to as a Nazi facility when in a time line, the German's won WWI and thus the Nazi party never came to exist, hence the removal of the swastika? Very minor nit-pick). The atmosphere in Die Maschine is fantastic. I do hope to see more of a horror influence with the lights off/flashlights until the power is restored in future maps. Or perhaps map variants in the darkness. Though, I'm a horror fan and the horror atmosphere is what I quite like from WW2's Zombies. Also, the Dark Aether has a wonderful atmosphere as well. It's monotonous, but the monochromatic-ism, to me, inspires claustrophobia and seems inspired by Stranger Things' Upside Down. The audio design with the garbled radio communications is a nice touch. My one major complaint with Die Maschine is that there are plenty of environmental hit boxes to get stuck on. A major one being the rock/tree near the powered door to the exfil in the crash site.
  9. So far my highest round has been 57. With the double XP, I was trying to farm some of my less enjoyed weapons. Turns out, I like the Pellington 703 w/ Iron Sights a lot more than I ever considered. 57 was achieved with that as well as a Ray Gun. I should've used the chopper gunner to allow the Healing Aura to recharge instead of the monkeys. Clip Link
  10. Cross-gen doesn't affect me, directly, however indirectly yes. Friends I've had for years, or even new acquaintances will have a smoother experience playing the game. Thus, it's a larger (and more comfortable) player pool for my own games. That directly excites me.
  11. I'm on PC. Fortunately with Cold War Zombies this won't be an issue.
  12. I know in Origins in BLOPS3, the shield can protect the player's back similar to a turtle shell. Is this also the case in BLOPS4, or are the only benefits when they're actively wielded?
  13. Shi no Numa had the Trench Gun immediately upon spawning, which was a huge plus for me. Regardless of the meta, I've always used shotguns for as long as I could. Played a lot of solo matches on the PS3 during travels for work. So, I didn't have access to strats or reliable internet. It was one that I would load in and have fun. Voyage of Despair; The atmosphere is perfect for it. "At Sea" horror is one of my favorite niche genres, such as Ghost Ship (movie) or Layers of Fear 2 (game). The Titanic for Black Ops 4 was a great addition to this. That all being said, my favorite CoD: Zombies game is WW2. It has the best horror elements, which hits the spot. Though, it does miss out on character dialog as well as power-up announcing. This is where I'm quite excited for Cold War Zombies. If it can achieve the WW2 horror element (even if it's just until the power is turned on on some maps) as well as the NBA Jam-esque of the announcers as well as the character banter while still retaining re-playable game play loops; I will be a satisfied player. As for the story, it's important to keep in mind that the story is brand new. It only has this game so far with it. The Aether story that everyone seems to love, and it's characters, were developed over many generations of games. If we go in immediately thinking it's trash, it's an obstacle in allowing us to enjoy something we might prematurely dismiss because 'nostalgia.'
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