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Official Die Maschine Feedback Thread

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The game is out my friends, perhaps not for all of us but for some. So, of course, it's feedback and opinions time! This thread is intended as if developers are reading it and you are providing critical but constructive feedback (don't be afraid to say nice things either!), so please keep it professional while letting loose in whatever direction you want. Per usual try not to just rant about something if you haven't played much of the map and only really seen gameplay.


Anyway, let us know what you think!!

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Sup Tac. Must say Cold War is looking good.


Regards Alpha.

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Something needs to be changed with the Plaguehounds, they have a slowing bite and the IX Tiger lunge which is a bit ridiculous


Also might just be biased but feel like the Rad Daddies have too much HP as well as their Gaseous Gangsters they split into? @Dizzie Bonkersand I tried an Exfil last night and that dude took a maxed out max rarity grenade launcher and Dizzie's entire DIE upgraded (don't know what version but shouldn't really matter it's an upgraded WW)

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There was a post I think on Reddit I saw where if you had your weapon max rarity the "randomize attachments" option in the Armory should change into "choose loadout" letting you put on preset attachments and camos from one of your loadouts. Seemed like a cool idea that incentivized doing Zombies camos for the long run and made use of the 10 loadout slots we have

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I have a few little QOL things to recommend, and I may end up having more eventually:


Zombie Counter on Mini Map

If we have the ability to see Zombies on a Mini Map, and have a Zombie Counter appear during Exfil, then I think a Zombie Counter is really feasible.


Resupply Crate

Although I am not really sure how the Points refund works upon respawning after bleeding out, but basically you get a vast amount of Points back but none of your old items... which is really counterintuitive to BO4's innovations. However, the way I would do it is to have the Lost & Found from IW and Resupply Crate from WW2 be in Yard. Essentially, you would have the choice to spend 75% of your Refund Points to get your old previous Loadout you bled out with back, or you can just keep the Points and set yourself up again. This would entirely negate losing the D.I.E. which can hinder your Easter Egg run massively.


First Person Mode in DOA3

I know this is for Die Maschine but this is just a small note. First Person Emblems are few and far between in DOA3, and with them only applying to one player I feel they're basically non-existent. But if you are gonna have a First Person ability in DOA3 in the first place, I think they should just make it a different camera view you can choose like the other views. This would be big for DOA in general, I think.

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I've yet to actually test this, but if it doesn't already Double Points should also double Salvage amounts. Realism shouldn't be a priority if a Carpenter can revitalize your armor entirely, and this is especially useful when a dead player with stocked up Salvage loses it all and needs to upgrade fast to have any chance to survive.

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I'm quite fond of the map. I don't find myself inside or in the Dark Aether unless there's a specific task to perform. However, the synergy with looping the player character to the power/pack-a-punch and immediately opening a full circle to the map is pleasant. The displayed quest is a fantastic way to introduce players to the map. It's also a great way to introduce new players to Zombies and the pack-a-punch.

Dipping a toe into more than just the map, but also including the map; there are strong elements that are taken from Sledgehammer's WW2. The lack of consumables originally bummed me out, however, the Field Upgrade/Skill is a pleasant addition from WW2. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I believe the Zombies models are also from WW2. (Though, why is it referred to as a Nazi facility when in a time line, the German's won WWI and thus the Nazi party never came to exist, hence the removal of the swastika? Very minor nit-pick).

The atmosphere in Die Maschine is fantastic. I do hope to see more of a horror influence with the lights off/flashlights until the power is restored in future maps. Or perhaps map variants in the darkness. Though, I'm a horror fan and the horror atmosphere is what I quite like from WW2's Zombies. Also, the Dark Aether has a wonderful atmosphere as well. It's monotonous, but the monochromatic-ism, to me, inspires claustrophobia and seems inspired by Stranger Things' Upside Down. The audio design with the garbled radio communications is a nice touch.

My one major complaint with Die Maschine is that there are plenty of environmental hit boxes to get stuck on. A major one being the rock/tree near the powered door to the exfil in the crash site.

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Really enjoying Die Machine so far!
Beat it in "Die Machine Solo" mode and today managed it solo in standard "Die Machine" mode.
(Playing it solo in the coop mode is a little more difficult as the heavy zombies have armor and some prices are a little higher)
(EDIT: Heavy zombie armor is in solo now also, didn't realise it was a patch.)
Mechanically I don't have any gripes, I love the mode and love that it's more solo friendly than previous titles.
Although I do hope that the next maps don't have 4x WWs to build. In solo I dislike juggling 4x upgrades in my head at the same time.
Linear steps flow so much better but I understand that's just a personal preference. 

Small things I would request if I could.
1) Make the distinction between the different modes clear in the selection menu.
2) Give at least some vague instructions in the intel section on how to aquire the different intel.
3) Add highest rounds/exfils achieved to the zombies combat record. I can't believe it's not included.
4) Add a timeline in the intel section that fills in the events surrounding Die Machine which updates as you aquire the related intel.
(There are a few people sent in by the soviets and it gets a little muddy about who was sent to turn on the machine, vs who was sent to turn it off,
what eras they were from etc etc. A physical timeline would be really nice to look at, and would incentivise collecting the intel vs looking it up online. )
5) Tone down the exfils. In solo they're a little insane. I don't even bother using them because I always run out of time. 
6) Streamline the challenge system? Having to save a zombie to run down into that deathtrap of a room doesn't flow so great.

I really hope we get some more beautiful maps in the season.
Die Machine looks great in Dark Aether mode, but in normal mode it's a little bland.
Especially after playing the snowy campaign missions which blew me away.
The spawn room flows well for training, but it could look a little more aesthetic. There isn't much to look at outside the edges of the spawn.
Remember The Frozen Dawn with the huge snowy mountains and plane crash which spread for miles and miles? Something like that would be so awesome.
But again that's just a personal preference, I always compare everything the the art quality of BO3 which is perhaps a little unfair.

But all in all a great start to the season.
Please keep the easter eggs fairly simple and fairly easy.
It's really great fun to run the easter egg daily and try it with different loadouts.
Instead of managing it once in mega-sweat mode and never touching it again. 

Props for a solid start to the season.
Looking forward to more. 

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