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Theia contained Element 115?


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This is a random, short theory that suddenly popped in my mind, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt because it has zero proof and I am writing this at an early hangover morning, but it might be a nice thing to think about.


So we always had 5 confirmed 115 meteorite locations: Shi no Numa (presumably the Dyarrl Island meteorite, 1933), Tunguska (1908), Groom Lake, Der Riese and Moon (Mare Crisium).


Sources include meteors found in Shi No Numa, Tunguska, Groom Lake, Der Riese, and the Moon (Confirmed via Astronomical team) - vbush server

Other meteorite locations that are hinted to in our story and could therefore be assumed to contain the 115th element are Chicora, US, 1938 (hinted in Verrückt), Nantan, China, 1516 (possibly hinted in Kino der Toten) and Morg City, US, 1944. Shangri-La also contains a meteorite, but besides that it also holds Element 115 in the ground, just like the Excavation Site near Bar-le-Duc. Now we talked about the connection of these sites earlier and it might have something to do with that, but please keep in mind that these sites are both underground, beneath the Earth's surface. On top of this, many of us argued that the centre of the Earth is actually a gateway to Agartha.


This is why this realm is associated with 'subterrean', as well as many cultures consider that the afterlife is in the Underworld, Hades, or whatever place where souls go after death. The other world. I summed most of this up in my theory about the Aethereal Hollow Earth, and even more proof for this concept is the fact that in the Timeline it is stated that the Apothicans know that the planet (Earth) has a gateway to Agartha. Now Earth's core is still one of the biggest mysteries on Earth, and no one really knows what is down there. One thing is certain: There is a huge quantity of radioactive metals down there. Remember Element 115 being a radioactive and unstable metal iotope? An element is radioactive if it is unstable, if it cannot be held in the current form for a long time. After a while, it "falls apart" into the form/element that it "wants" to be, emitting radiation. The enormous amount of 115 constantly falls apart and emits radiation, going in the form/place where it "wants" to be: The Aether and Agartha, the source of the Element. This idea would stand on one assumption: That Earth's core contains a hella lot of Element 115!


Now we are reaching the point I wanted to make in this thread: the first and most ancient source of 115 on Earth was Theia.Theia was an ancient planet in our Solar system that was hypothesized to have collided with early Earth around 4,5 billion years ago. The Theia hypothesis also explains why Earth's core is larger than would be expected for a body its size: according to the hypothesis, most of Theia mixed with Earth's core and mantle. The rest of Theia's debris has been indicated by models of the impact to have gathered around Earth to form the early Moon.




What if Theia contained Element 115? As it formed Earth's core and mantle and the Moon, it could be the reason why these sites are infested with large deposites of the Element. It would have been Earth's first contact with 115 and open a subterrean gateway to the Underworld, even before life itself existed on Earth.


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Ah, now that's a neat idea. It would explain why it is so deeply rooted in our planet. Also consider the fact that the Apothicons chose our moon as a hiding place for the MPD. Perhaps it was even placed on Theia before it impacted Earth and remained on our moon just waiting to be discovered.


To add to the underground sites, there is the 115 contained in Siberia, which forms root-like lines in the rocks. The area may even be a remnant of the exploded Theia. I'd like to see this whole idea explored further!

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On 6/26/2020 at 2:58 AM, RadZakpak said:

To add to the underground sites, there is the 115 contained in Siberia, which forms root-like lines in the rocks.

Now this is a weird interesting thing. I've also noticed them in Revelations, and I remember @caljitsu believing it might be relating to the roots of Yggdrasil and the Welteis, however next to a metaphorical explanation I'd also like it if there was a real, proximate explanation. Maybe it has to do with Theia, but I am more of the belief that the cause of this is something more recent. That 'blue rock' we can carve out of it looks like real crystalline 115, other than the rocks and meteorite occasionally encountered. It could be that this was the exact location where Richtofen siphoned the souls of Ultimis and forged the Elemental Shard, but I don't know.


Hey by the way, in more recent endeavours in Tag der Toten I finally found that Nazi base on the mountain ( I know, I'm a bit slow) and the 115 mine at the site. The amount of the element there is astonishing, more than Shangri-La and Origins combined I'd argue. It also looks like they 'bottle' it here, putting it into those canisters in the form of energy. Could the amount of 115 have anything to do with the location's "site-shifting" abilities from Siberia to Mars and possibly the Antarctic?


Oh and concerning the Apothicans choosing Moon for hiding their MPD, some time ago I had an idea about how the Elder Gods/Overlords being something different and more ancient than the Keepers and Apothicans. It are quite some words but connecting it with the whole Moon/MPD idea is interesting. I remember how Richkiller noted that since the Aether Pyramid was the device that made the proto-Keepers got in touch with the Aether (and I think, thereby, the Elder Gods), it could correlate with their Hivemind. Like an Apothicon-tech HAARP weapon for mind control.


Here's a direct copy of the idea I spoke of:


ou know there always was one thing at the Apothicons that I couldn’t understand: How could a humanoid race like the Vril-Ya/proto-Keepers ever evolve into the monstrous abominations that we call the Apothicons. We interprend the Timeline that the explanation for this issue can be summarized in one word: Evolution.

“Trapped in the Dark Aether, the corrupted keepers contort and evolve over Eons, ultimately becoming the Apothicons. The desire, above all else, to return to Agartha.”

But this just didn’t really work out for me. I mean, this is simply not how evolution works. For evolution, one needs natural selection, survival of the fittest, and how can we have that in a realm of energy where all beings serve the same hivemind? Apart from that, we do encounter more humanoid Apothicons that resemble the ‘handhead’ species of Doctor Monty (the Shadowman) and the Keepers (the corrupted Keepers) as Apothicons; How can it be that they changed relatively so little over time whereas some proto-Keepers have changed into giant universe eating worms?

So here’s the thing: I think the creatures that we name Apothicons are not the Apothicons. I mean maybe they are classified under that name, and that essentially doesn’t matter, but what I mean is that they have a different origin than the defeated proto-Keepers, the Fallen Angels under the Shadowman. In Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, the most powerful entities in the Multiverse are the Great Old Ones, the Outer Gods of other Hells and the Elder Gods, existing outside our observable universe and thus in the “space between spaces”. However, their great weakness is the fact that they cannot form a stable and consistent form of matter in our Space-Time. This is they have not yet dominated our universe and why they even have any dealings with humanity. We need to provide them with something within our Space-Time, whether its “opening a door” on this side of reality or providing a part of us (e.g. our souls).

While  the story of the proto-Keepers sounds really similar to the mythos of the Vril-Ya, Ancient Aliens and even passages of the Bible, the existence and abilities of the ‘Great Apothicons’ seems to resemble more the story of the Lovecraftian Elder Gods, and their inability of entering our universe by theirselves. Additional evidence for this is the fact that in Shadows of Evil, the Shadowman refers to something more powerful, the ‘Overlords’. In a radio in Tag der Toten, the Apothicon corpse on the bottom of the ocean is literally referred to as an ‘Elder God’. Another similarity already found by @Electric Jesus was Shadowman’s similarity to Nyarlathotep. And whose harbinger and messenger was Nyarlathotep in the Cthulhu mythos? Exactly, the Outer Gods.

What we do in Shadows of Evil, I interpreted as the following: we sacrifice four souls that allow the Elder Gods to enter. Or, as the Shadowman states it, “your services to the overlords is appreciated, our complete assimilation of this dimension will now proceed”.

How does this work in the grander view of our story? Cal’s deciphering of the Apothicon language clearly shows they function under a Hivemind, and I think that is our missing link. Prior to Civil War between the proto-Keepers, before the schism between Dr. Monty and Mr. Rapt, before he was called the Shadowman and he and his allies were condemned to the Aether, the Elder Gods already existed. They were already out there, in the space between spaces, the realm of energy, the Aether. Their Hivemind was passed over on the corrupted Keepers, corrupting them, making them one of them. They act with the same mind now, the same interests. But their origin is different.

This is why Doctor Monty refers to the Apothicons as the most powerful entities in all the existences that ever existed, this is why Samantha in the pyramid screams that something far more terrible than we can imagine lays there. Before a part the civilization of the proto-Keepers got corrupted and turned into what Monty calls the Apothicons, before the existence of the Shadowman, the Elder Gods were already there.

Azathoth | The H.P. Lovecraft Wiki | Fandom

Azathoth, one of the Outer Gods in the Lovecraft mythos^


EDIT: So thanks for Rich for noting this but in SoE we got the message that 'the Elders continue to seed space time'. This is what we see in the Revelations intro, as space time is 115! Additional evidence that the Overlords are the Elder Gods and something older and more powerful than the Keepers


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