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The Aetherial Hollow Earth


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Hey all!


Agartha has always had a major role in the story, while the name 'Agartha' was actually used in-game for the first time in Buried, when Zombies Mode was already raging on for 5 years. As we have always assumed Agartha was actually the world within Hollow Earth, like various mythologies (though under different names) state, Doctor Monty smashed this image.


This is it. The Aether. The Infinite. Agartha.

While I previously tried to invalidate this, it still leaves the Hollow Earth-issue. However, yesterday I had a thought that may have an explanation for that as well. Agartha could actually still be very much inside our planet.


The quote that sparked this idea was, ironically enough, another quote of Monty.


He opened the portal between the worlds and well, that's where, when shit really went tits up. The world within the world got turned upside down and inside out, if you can imagine such a thing.

The world WITHIN the world. And this was said in Gorod Krovi. So it seems like the idea of Hollow Earth isn't completely abandoned. To understand the following theory, we have to go back to Black Ops II, the era of the Great Destruction of Earth. Die Rise's loading screen actually already showed us the seemingly absense of a civilisation in the core of our planet.


There doesn't seem to be anything inside Earth, so what is Monty rambling about the world within the world?


You see, I think Agartha and Earth are more connected with each other than is believed. Let's start with a summary of what Agartha is believed to be, made by @Tac:


There were two inhabitable planets revolving around a star, Aldebaran, and the population of the Aldebaran system was divided into the master race, known as the Aryans, and subservient lower races.  However, as their sun expanded and the planets became uninhabitable, they left.  They visited many places in the Universe, with their first stop at planet named Marduk, in what is now the asteroid belt, followed by Mars, and shortly after that, they came to Earth and settled in Sumeria. They split into two factions, some migrating towards the Gobi Desert and the other heading north, landing in the mythical Hyperborea, which some say is modern day Siberia.  Eventually, they created the subterranean world known as Agartha, with the capital city of Shambhala, in the Earth’s Core, Hollow Earth.  As the center of intellectual progress and enlightenment, and is powered by the Black Sun, or Schwarze Sonne, a black star located within the Earth itself said to contain and radiate immense power, called Vril Energy.  It’s been said that there many entrances to Agartha, including Antarctica, the Pyramids of Gaza, and the city of Shangri-La in the Himalayas. Over time, evidence began to show that this Vril was the very lifeblood of the Aryans; the source of powerful psychic and technological advancements among their race.  When employing this energy source via Vril rods, they could achieve great telekinetic abilities and through great acts of medicine, could live up to the age of one thousand years.  However, if used the wrong way, those rods could be used for great destruction.

The creatures of the Black Sun entered Agartha through the underground tunnels of Earth.


Now let's jump to the Rift, being of great importance in Black Ops II, seen in Buried (hang on, this picture will become more coherent later on). The Rift seemed to appear right after Maxis launched the Griffin Station rockets to Earth, which caused the severing of the Aether's link with Earth, which Richthofen seemed to wanna 'set right' by mending the Rift (meaning healing it). What the Rift exactly was has always remained unclear, though various theories think it is the Earth's core, or a Gateway to Agartha perhaps. I believe both theories are actually right, as the Earth's core is a Gateway to Agartha, a.k.a. the Aether. Let's get some stuff straight.


1) Agartha is most likely not a physical plane. It is a dimension beyond our perception.

2) The realm is accesible via the Earth's core.

3) As the planet's core is a rift to Agartha, Agartha seems to be centered within our world, while it actually is not.


Remember the Shadows of Evil scrap?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shadows of evil scrap paper

See how there exist so many worlds? So many planet Earth's and versions of ourselves. So many cores, or Rifts, all leading to merely one and the same realm: Agartha, or Aether. There is only one of this. NabrZHunter's primal 'Wheel Spoke Theory' wasn't that far away from this idea. 


What does it mean for Agartha being Hollow Earth? Well, it would explain the absense of Agartha in Die Rise's loading screen, as the only thing that is present in Earth's inner core is merely a portal to Agartha (though abstract). It would explain the Aether being "inside" Earth, as we got a Gateway to that down there. It would explain the Keepers being both the creatures who descended down onto our planet milions of years ago, and the beings residing in the Aether. It would explain many theories of inner Earth's "magical" absurdities (To name a few), as it is actually the source of Ethereal Energy.


Let me hear you thoughts! Any constructive, critical feedback is always appreciated, and I would like to update and expand this thread. Let's see if a discussion can find a solution for this!


Thanks for the read


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5 hours ago, RadZakpak said:

This is a whole side of the lore and theories I’ve never been quite familiar with, and this explained the concept perfectly! Great post.

Thank you, glad to hear that!


How the core could be a Rift....I don't know. I guess this whole idea is not so down-to-earth as it sounds, but rather sciencifically abstract, as I said. 


How could this be applied on the BO2 Main Quest? Do the NAVcards have the coordinates to the core and let the Global Polarization Devices focus the (possibly 'leaking' Ethereal energy towards it? Why does Richthofen have to mend it to reestablish the link between Aether and Earth (which is still partly present as he can still controll the undead, etc), while Maxis somehow uses the Rift to uses the Aether's energy to enter Agartha?


Concerning more recent issues, how could this fit with Monty? We know he was able to manipulate our world through the Æther, but wouldn't Maxis be equally as powerfull after he entered Agartha? Or did he, perhaps, rather enter the Dark Aether, thinking it would be Agartha (as Samantha was drawn into this madness as well). How would the Dark Aether fit into this anyway? Beyond creation... In the similarity of a Wormhole (Rift?) perhaps? Absolute negative space where the laws of physics dont apply. The absolute zero that forms a living purgatory. Hell



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So remember how Peter McCain described the portal he fell through as a Aurora Borealis? I've given my thoughts about this and I think it might be related to the subject of an electromagnetic gateway to Agartha as well. So in popular Hollow Earth tales, two large entrances to Agartha are the North and South Pole. Now of course, no real holes in the planet's crust have been found, but the two spots are Earth's two magnetic poles. It are also the two areas where polar Auroras occur: solar winds blow particles into our geomagnetical field, which conduits it towards the two poles where energy is released and we see a beautifull greenish light. Just like McCain.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor magnetic field earth"Afbeeldingsresultaat voor agartha"

I think the pressence of the geomagnetical pole and presumed gateway to Agartha at the same location is no coincidence. I've mentioned earlier in a post that recently, space agencies have discovered the creation of tiny wormholes - invisible portals through space - when a solar wind touches our magnetic field. If this would be possible, could our poles be some kind of electromagnetic superportal to Agartha?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bo2 origins sky"

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