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DLC 1 "Resistance" Trailer + "Darkest Shore"

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Sledgehammer recently released a sneak-pea trailer looking into the incoming 1st DLC for WWII, "The Resistance". We also get a chance to see very brief segments of the new Nazi Zombies map "The Darkest Shore". In this new chapter, the crew gains intel on where Dr. Straub is now - an island just north of Germany. So far, new intel includes the return of the fog mechanic, a new terrifying Zombie type, a new weapon w/ buzzsaw capabilities, and much more.

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I'm not sure, but I believe I've heard from someone that it takes place in Helgoland/Heligoland, indeed an island in the North-West of Germany. During WW2, the island was built into one big naval fortress, yet due to the upcoming importance of the airforce and luftwaffe, it lost its geographical and strategic importance. The huge Nazi bunker was bombed by the Allies, and was pretty much abandonned, possibly used for other goals....


Anyway, also in the era of the HRE Heligoland had a interesting history under the rule of Denmark, in the time of Emperor Barbarossa of HRE both enemies and allies at one point. Heligoland has an interesting ancient history, ruled by Denmark, Frisians, Germans and Brittish.



Btw, anyone ever tasted Duvel beer? 

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I really hope they don't overdo it trying to scare the player with zombies coming out of the fog. It's just going to get old having them pop out at you. Hopefully it won't be TranZit levels of fog. I think the setting is interesting, but I want to see more of the map. That was one of the most vague zombies map reveals ever.

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Yea I think the fog can make things get annoying really fast if it is not done right. I just want more maps for this game. Playing GH and TFR once a week is almost too often for me. 

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From the looks of it, the fog almost seems like the fog from certain BOII maps when hellhounds spawn in. When he mentions the fog rolling in (cue the memes) we can see that the space seems to be normal before it is filled with fog. Or perhaps they'll have something similar to the map Infection in AW, where an area of the map will get filled with a poison that must be waited out. When it comes to fog, maybe the fog density will be the same as TranZit, but just not as much fog? Maybe we'll have a chance at clearing the fog ourselves, much like the excavators on Moon!


(also, I bet my shiniest penny that there's going to be an EE step where you must traverse the whole map in fog)



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