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Best map ever

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Moon will always be my favorite map ever. It really sparked my interest in the speculative side of the zombies community, and I got really into the story through the many theories that came after. It had my favorite easter egg as well, which was mostly balanced (Apart from the luck based excavator step) with a very rewarding ending for the effort put in.


But Origins is a close second, only being beaten because of my nostalgia for Moon, and the face I didn't appreciate Origins as much until months after it released.

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Moon definitely won the cake for me to be honest.

Der Eisendrache is eloquently simple in design - both layout wise and one a gameplay level. Treyarch heard everyone's complain about the complicated nature of Shadows of Evil and decided to make DE very reminiscent of The Giant/Der Riese. 

You can access all the map easily without some wonky obstacle in your way.

Traps are re-introduced and prove to be effective instead of a hazard.

The layout accepts camping or training on a very similar level to Der Riese.

Weapon choices are good matches, and the Bows make for insane high round runs (and survival tools).
Buildables/extra features to add to your arsenal are equally matched and allows for pleasurable killing experiences.

The difficult is moderate so you don't have anything ridiculously hard but also not cakewalk.

If you die, you probably made a poor decision in your strategies instead of bullshit glitches.

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I still think Der Riese is the shining example of the perfect zombies map for me. It just has the balance right on every level. Moon will always be a close second, FIVE I thought was always going to stay in 3rd place but then Treyarch unexpectedly pulled out the unexpected and nailed it with Eisendrache. Had high hopes for DLCs after that if that was the direction Treyarch were going, then they went and made fucking Zetsubou...

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Virruckt is number one for me. The sheer gritty horror is how zombies should be. DE is in second place though. They could have made DE scarier. Imagine if it was at night... Buried is in third for me. 

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Statistically speaking Der Riese/The Giant is the greatest map of all time. It still has tons of people playing it across [email protected], BO1, and BO3.


There are many excellent maps, especially as I am replaying old maps it's impossible to pick just one. So for that reason, Revelations gets my vote because:

-shit ton of weapons

-many different ways to play

-features many of the old maps

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