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What makes the "Revelations" easter egg so tough?


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I'm the type of zombies player that gets a thrill from being a medic with randoms. Trying to get 70 revives a game and getting noobs to high rounds is my cup of tea. That being said I love the storyline, but I only complete easter eggs with friends a few weeks after there is a million tutorials on youtube out. I followed the hype around the other easter eggs in blops 3 and they were completed in such a short amount of time, I cant imagine what its like to try and figure this stuff out from scratch, but with others being "easy" to solve what about this one makes it so tough?

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There are multiple reasons that I suspect could be the cause of this "easter egg" taking so long to complete. It is probably some combination of things below.

1. The difficulty of it is so completely ridiculously difficult that even the most notorious of players are having a difficult time figuring it out.

2. There are bugs in it, accidental or nefarious, that prevent events from triggering properly, literally making it unable to be completed until a patch is released.

3. Interest in Treyarch Zombies has died down considerably, and fewer people in general care. Without this support, the Youtube guys are practically blind.

4. The level is so chaotic that it makes finding things that are supposed to stand out blend in as if they were anything else.

5. The Youtube guys are the only ones making any actual progress, and their monopoly dissuades others from trying.

6. Treyarch has paid off the Youtube guys to not progress quickly to stretch out the demand for the DLC as long as possible. If this conspiracy theory were true, expect it to be solved immediately before PC release.

7. There actually is no ending and the "easter egg" is an endless loop of convoluted tasks.

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I think it's because this egg is truly the most random we've ever had. To start it off, you do need to shoot the gravestones in the order that the characters died. Fairly normal. But that's the only hint/direction on what to do. When you do this step, a small pointy rock will appear at one of the launch pads. It is very small, blends in very easily with the rocks surrounding the pad, and the light from the pad can easily cover it. If you didn't know this thing was added after you did the graves, you would never question.

After that, you've gotta throw 9 Lil' Arnie's inside the small holes within the Apothicon. Again no indication. Next step, which hasn't even been finished yet, is to collect bone parts. These are in some of the most obscure locations. Again no hint. You really have to mesmerize the small details of this map, and realize "hey this wasn't here" before. Problem is, this map is one of the more detailed maps. So it's very hard to mesmerize the smaller details.

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