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Samantha's secret identity

Electric Jesus

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Alrighty folks, it's been a bit. We all know of the creativity-enhancing powers your average household shower can bestow upon you. Consequently I was standing in my shower contemplating the meaning of life when a few radios and cyphers drifted back to me. I though really hard and arrived at what I think could be an equally insane yet plausible reality in revelations. I'll give my "evidence" first so I can build up to my idea more gradually. 


Firstly there's the fact that Samantha is not Maxis's biological daughter, as he says so in an origins radio. 


"The child's voice calls to me more frequently than ever. At first she spoke only of her imprisonment in a mythical realm known as "Agartha". Now she claims to be my daughter, even though I know no such child exists! (sigh) I fear my sanity may be slipping away from me."


Bearing this in mind, let's move on. 

In Gorod Krovi, there is a cipher that once decoded, reads as follows: 


Excerpt B
To allow quick travel between dimensions the Keepers created the transference device which is powered by the Aether.
The Keepers have placed structures throughout the realms."


While the full powers of the MPD have yet to be shown off in full, it's safe to assume that this is in reference to the MPD, as it was built specifically to house the Vril generator which summons the keeper on Der Eisendrache. There's also the fact that Richtofen needs the help of the keepers to access and interact with the MPD of D.E. as well. We can conclude that it was built by the Keepers, or at the very least designed to be compatible with their artifacts. Richtofen himself says in a moon radio that the device is "a direct connection to another dimension," which is consistent with the Kronorium's description of it, prior to us ever reading it. 


Remember how group 935 had scientists working on uncovering the secrets of the MPD around the clock for days, and then Samantha stumbles across it and within seconds fully harnesses its powers? It could be convenient timing, since she was the first person to touch it following it being filled with souls by Groph and Schuster. 


Let's also not forget that Samantha had a drawing on the wall in her room on Der Eisendrache, depicting a Keeper visiting her in her bed. Not sure what to make of that exactly. 


...Backtracking a bit, although Samantha only appears to be repeating what she has heard from Maxis regarding the ancients, there's sufficient evidence to suggest that she knows more than Maxis ever did. For instance, she says "My father was so close," but then tells the player that they are "so much closer than my father ever got." How would she know how close either actually are if she doesn't already know the outcome or destination they are working toward? She even comes right out and says that their completion of the steps would open the gateway to Agartha, as well as giving highly specific instructions to the player regarding how to complete the steps. She obviously has more knowledge than Maxis himself ever had regarding the rituals of the ancients. 


Speaking of "The Ancients," Jason Blundell himself was asked in a recent interview whether the Keepers have ever been referred to as the ancients, to which he said something along the lines of "they may have been called that at some point." He is notoriously ambiguous in interviews, if he isn't just saying "pass" to a question altogether. This answer seems to me like a tentative affirmation though. (I will link this interview as soon as I find it again.) 


Monty on Gorod Krovi says in reference to Samantha... 

"she really didn't get much of a chance, did she? Right out of the gate she was thrown into this madness before she could ever figure out exactly who she was. "

Now this could just be in reference to the struggles of children in general when coming to terms with their identity or their role in traumatic events, but to me Monty could be suggesting that she has a specific identity that she struggled to realize. It gives me a very "You're a wizard, Harry" kind of vibe. 


Let's review quickly. Samantha...

-Is not Maxis's biological daughter, and her heritage is unknown. 
-Has extensive knowledge of the rituals of the Ancients, who are likely Keepers.
-Has been in Agartha, a place the Ancients specifically developed technology to reach. 
-Is able to intuitively pilot the MPD, a device used and likely created by Keepers.
-Has probably been visited by Keepers in her sleep.


Yeah, you know where I'm going now. Samantha's a goddamn Keeper. 


A Gorod Cipher tells us that the Apothicons descended from Keepers, and we know from the shadow man that Apothicons can assume a human form. It stands to logic that if the Apothicons possess this power, the Keepers too might. 


My ultimate conclusion is this. Samantha has really been on the sidelines for the entirety of Black Ops 3. No longer. In Revelations, she is going to whoop some Shadow-Man ass. 

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Hey, haven't seen you around here for awhile!


Anyway, the one point that needs to be brought up is that one of your pieces of evidence is invalid. We have no proof that Samantha isn't Maxis' biological daughter. In fact, in a radio in Moon Maxis states "... after your mother died, I couldn't bear the thought of losing you too...". This implies that he not only knew Samantha's mother, but was also close with her. Also, I would like to point out that Origins takes place in 1918, and Samantha is still a child in 1945. This explains him claiming to not have a daughter in Origins.


I personally don't believe that she is a Keeper. But there are things that need to be brought up, and this is the perfect place.

Richtofen, Maxis, and Samantha all arrived in very specific locations after teleporting, and none of them were the intended location. Why does no one look into this? Just about anyone with Aetherial control (including Keepers and Apothicons) could easily change the destination of a teleported subject. My point is, something caused Richtofen to end up on the Moon just long enough to receive the voices in his head from the MPD, then was teleported away. Samantha ended up on the Moon just after they managed to open the MPD and it was ready for a conduit. All of this, someone or something is pulling the strings.


Last point: The PS Store description for Salvation says that the crew will finally find out who is pulling the strings in their lives... Something to think about.

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I think you're onto something. I have had a similar train of thought. I thought that Samantha could possibly be an apothicon but a keeper could make sense too. 


@AetherialVoices One of the reasons I think the girl is special in some unique way is because Origins is most likely the original universe. After the fracture, everyone fractured into million other versions. However if Origins is the original universe, this is odd because Samantha doesn't have an origin. She isn't the daughter of Maxis here. So I think she could be some sort of original creation.

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4 minutes ago, Monopoly Mac said:

One of the reasons I think the girl is special in some unique way is because Origins is most likely the original universe. After the fracture, everyone fractured into million other versions. However if Origins is the original universe, this is odd because Samantha doesn't have an origin. She isn't the daughter of Maxis here. So I think she could be some sort of original creation.

She definitely has some strange significance that is still unexplained, that is certain. But regarding your point of her not having an origin I would like to bring up this Monty quote: "The universe is a living, breathing thing. Ever changing, ever shifting. Existing across time and space itself." Time is relative. Always has been, always will be. It could be that the Samantha from the future of that universe went back in time and caused that. Back to the aforementioned Monty quote, it gives the implication that the universe doesn't normally break under the circumstances of time travel. Also, because Samantha was in another realm (seriously Treyarch, you'd better give us a solid explanation of Agartha in Revelations), it is quite possible that the flow of time in that realm is entirely different to that of the Origins universe.

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On 8/28/2016 at 7:53 AM, Matuzz said:

Richtofen also did experiments on Samantha. 

wasnt that in just one universe though? The one from blops1. Cause she wasnt in any after they killed original richtofen i mean they got sent to the moon but in DE we blew that up

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