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Possibly worst map

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So ive been playing zetsobou and i rly think it can possibly be the worst zombies map yet considering how most areas you have to get to (like the bottom of the zipline) for the gear parts are all based on "quick time" and such are making the level inconsistent like with thrashers spawning randomly (iam working on a theory video on my yt channel about it pm me for details) and how most people on the map die from errors on the map that shouldnt be there due to alot of development time for xbox and pc gamers and in a nutshell people are always looking at the small intricate details when the real easter eggs are right in there face breathing on us.


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I understand where you're coming from, but as an average and casual player, ZNS is one of my favorite maps of all time. I honestly think it is brilliant. It's just the zombie mechanics that get me.

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It was a bit buggy at launch, but it's not that bad anymore. Most of the times. 

Cool environment, ambient sounds and character quotes. I enjoy playing it until it breaks again. 

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I dont't like zns either... solo...


But its just not a solo map - its for co op and with 3 other players who know what to do its fun and setup does not take that much time

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I really like playing on the map. It's so much different than all the others. There aren't many places to "train". It takes more skill to getti the higher rounds. 

But yes this map is full of bugs and glitches and are quite annoying and need to be fixed. 

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I like it because it's challenging, but I don't like how tedious it is... The set-up takes so much time. The atmosphere is nice and as BO3 zombies are generally easier than the previous games, I think it's nice to have a bit more challenging map :)

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