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shadow of evil EE bug fix..

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I'm just going to copy and paste something I put in another thread, with that being said I don't think it was referring to the Main Quest, but something else.

*The "Cocoons" not Spawning in, possibly to do with the "Noire Mode" being there's a way to end it, but we've yet to figure it out.

*This is what I was talking about, when building the "Apothicon Servant" before placing the Gateworms, as that's rare and not a lot of people are going to do this outside of Solo.


*This probably pertains to the Gateworm not Spawning. Since it states "Shadows of Evil Easter Egg"


*Notice the difference where it says Main Easter Egg when talking about the Main Quest.


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16 hours ago, Ragdo11706 said:

What do you mean by this? I'm a little lost.

Yes, the trigger to begin the next step (cocoons, i think) is supposedly no longer removed.

The real DF found that the trigger was missing. This was 'confirmed' by others that it wasn't there (we considered that maybe there was a different way put in instead). But now, supposedly that trigger was reinstated and the script can run past that point. 

The code miners didn't spoil what to do, simply that it can now be done.

Theoretically; as l'll believe it when i see it at this point.

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83457, wish you were on xbone... I would add the fact that I would love anyone looking for EE steps/hidden mysteries to please add me to friend list , but I fear the admins will lock my post up if i even suggest that I would like to play zombies with anyone in particular... I can say i play zombies... but if they get even a whiff that it will lead to "finding group"  it will banished to the "LFG"  zone...where nothing, not even light can escape...  :)

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Ok so before, the "Cocoons" we're in a state of "Off", now after the DLC patch they are finally back "On". 

Meaning the Quest can now be completed, and the "Apothicon Servant" can finally be Upgraded through the Cocoons. 

Hopefully leading to the Plague Pods Side Quest, which is more complex than the Main Quest.


If this is the case, I'd say a good place to start is in Noire Mode, as that has an ending, in which we've never found, only makes sense to start here.

Also I don't know if you remember the Ray Gun before the Blue Hue got patched into it, but it was stuck in a way, similar to that of how it looks in Noire Mode, that White & Black color it had.

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54 minutes ago, Boom said:

This is what I've heard rumors about, but it has yet to be solved.

Honestly I feel the main reason for this, there's a specific order in which were meant to do things. If not then we'll fail, this is also a first.

I noticed looking at the Ritual Altars the other day, the one in Junction, WaterFront, & PaP all have the Cthuluh Skull in the left. FootLights is in the Middle, and Canal is the only District which feature 2, one on the Left and the other on the right.

Now I wouldn't have even mentioned it, however the 3 that are all the same have a liquid in the Altar itself, (in that cutout crevice), the other 2 are Bone Dry.

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Interesting on the altars. I've never responded to your posts on this because 360 is completely different. No liquid on the altars. No skulls. Just some candles and canal has a jar of some kind.

Currently, all except footlight are red-topped, like old barn paint (not dry blood, which is practically black).

Footlight used to start red and then change to a tan-topped color, and the handcufs would appear, when you set down the hairpiece. Now it's always tan and the purple handcuffs are always there. 

No liquids, but that canal jar could be something. 

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See I find all this to be very fascinating. There seems to be a lot of minor details that are different, between Last Gen & Current Gen. Even though those particular differences exist, doesn't necessarily mean there is nothing to it.

For example, the Light that cuts on in the "Rift Portal" in the Footlight District, once you've opened the Rift, as well as the Checker Boarded Banner on the top of the Skyscrapers (if to suggest a "Finish Line"). Even though it's not present on Last Gen, don't mean it couldn't be a "HINT" towards something, simply because it's not an intreractable item.

Same thing can be said for the "Liquid" in the "Ritual Altars" as well as the "Corrupted" Skulls on them. They could very well be "Hinting" at something, they just aren't interactable.


I am curious about this "Jar" in the Canal District, as well as when does the "Ritual Altar" in the Footlight District change color.

Can you get a screenshot of them, I don't care about potato quality either.

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Pics: the purple handcuffs on the FL altar are always there now.  They no longer appear when the hairpiece is placed (and the altar no longer changes). Picture in the t-virus thread; remember when yous pointed out that it was handcuffs? (I have a new phone, that pic isn't on this phone).

RR altar with 'jar': altar top is red like worn paint. The jj purps (handcuffs) picture, the altar is tan only, no red on top.



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Yea I remember.

That is rather odd, I'll have to take a look myself, I feel as if that jar on the R.R. Altar is present on Current Gen, I'll check just to be sure though.


Now Jessica's Altar has a pair of Handcuffs bound to it, as thats what she used when she killed the Producer. 

Nero has a Dagger which is the same on all the rest of the Altars. So why is Jessica the only one with the item she used.


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8 hours ago, 83457 said:

In 360land, most altars have nothing but candles. Jessica gets the 'potato quality' purple handcuffs, and J fn V gets this rather elaborate jar for SoE: Minecraft version.

The plot thins. 

Yea but with all that said, both of those items are present on Current Gen. They wouldn't be there at all if they were in fact nothing.

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Yo Rag
As to your observation about the lightbulb in the Footlight Portal, well, I've discovered that that's basically just a sort of ambient lore. Some scientist or something was studying the energy surrounding those cuthulu skulls. That's why his measuring device (the lightbulb) only lights up once you activate the rift. You can see the conduit cord dangling from the table and laying by the skulls.

The scientist also must have activated the rift at some point, because he threw a telephone receiver into it to see if he could hear anything - and you can find this receiver immediately on the other side, with its cord cut off as well. Probably because the rift portal closed during the test.

I don't think it has any gameplay value, it's just some cool ambient lore/storytelling.

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