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  1. So....how about those new Gateworm stamps that you can fill in? What do you think of THOSE? And instead of a Gateworm, Shadows of Evil clearly has a Plague Pod stamp. I only noticed them after doing the Zetsubou no Shima EE.
  2. I'm so glad you could come here and let me know what I did wrong. I'll remember to always take data-miners seriously, and never wait for official confirmation to stop exploring for easter eggs and commenting on the validity of map design choices. In fact, here, thank you So Much!!! @Akito Thanks for the link. This may not mean that you can't USE the gun on Shadows, but that you can't UPGRADE the gun on shadows. It is an Inter-dimensional gun after all, "ID-Gun". Maybe there's a way to upgrade it and send it back, perhaps through the PaP machine. I suppose that's supported by the fact that there's an Apothicon word specifically for the ID Gun, and since Apothicons stretch across all maps, then we haven't seen the last of the Servant. @83457 and @Ragdo11706 It was a pleasure bouncing ideas with you. Hope we can do it again sometime, but for now I'm off.
  3. Can I get a link to Blundell saying this? I can't find it on Youtube. If it comes true that Treyarch is willing to put half-easter-eggs into early maps and only finish them / add them later, that is not creative, that is incredibly stupid. Because for all the future, when a new zombies season starts, the first map will receive only MINIMAL egg hunting because everyone will fear they are wasting their time. They will stop looking THE MOMENT that all the easy ones are found, and their reliance on data-miners will only increase. BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT TO WASTE OUR TIME I know that I will never again give any attention to egg hunting on early season maps in the future. And I won't wait to the end of a season to play zombies just so I can retain a little of the magical "you-can-find-and-do-anything" feel. The hidden world will be a lie. Not to mention the shoddy ethics of making me buy and play ALL DLC's just to discover/unlock something in a zombies map that CAME with the game. I might just stop playing zombies......huh that's depressing
  4. Yeah I knew that, it's pretty cool. Anyway I'll try and replicate that, I guess. I don't think I've ever heard a "Zoroth Orrotha" in my life. So if I can discover what you guys are doing to get it, hopefully that becomes the breaking point.
  5. Do I have to feed it first or Margwa-contact it first? I've done that once or twice but never heard anything but the screams of the ritual victim.
  6. The answer to all of this, of course, is testing. Play a bunch of short games, up to the point where you get Upgrade_Ready quote, and then record the results. Make sure to notice the order in which you picked up the 3 ingredients, and which Upgrade Ready Quote you got as well. Make a test group of at least ten runs/games. It was using this method that I discovered that each character has a specific Apothicon Sword, and therefore a (still untranslated) apothicon hint meant only for them. If you're doing it right, all mysteries crumble before the scientific method :) but, you must be relentless.
  7. In my experience, whichever of the three pieces you leave till last, takes the longest to get. I don't usually leave the Margwa heart till last, but I've noticed that that will "work" if you want to be more sure of building the Servant before 20. I also NEVER harvest pods till round 11 or 12, when they're all purple, so I'm pretty much guarantied the Tentacle on that round. Xenomatter I noticed drops better from meatballs, but I'm not sure if that means anything. Guess what I'm saying is, that Xenomatter and Tentacle are random/dice-roll ingredients, while the heart is not. So if it's true that the game holds off on the last (it seems like it to me), then save the definite one for last. Because you can definitely get it by killing a Margwa.
  8. Leave the Margwa Heart till last. It's my experience that when the game discovers which part is the final one, it holds you back from getting it. But you can always kill a Margwa within 3 rounds of finding the other ingredients. When searching for Xenomatter, meatballs have a higher drop-rate than Parasites. Make sure you kill the meatballs before they explode on you, otherwise it doesn't count as your having killed it. When shooting Parasites, do not shoot at any that are over cliffs or unreachable areas. Do not shoot at them while they are zipping from one place to another, but wait till they turret and fire at you.
  9. Yes, maybe, but that doesn't mean that the red symbol is meaningless. @Ragdo11706 As far as I know, no one knows even a smidgeon of the Keeper Language. But you can recognize it by ear because it has fewer and longer words than Apothicon. I am starting to wonder if the names of the weapons are actually the names of the Archons and Apothicons that forged them. The names of the Archon Swords have a two-letter transitional word in between two longer words. Almost as if each could be translated to "SwordName_of_WeilderName". So Kreesaleet la Ahmahm Might be seen as Kreesaleet (the sword), of Ahmahm (the weilder/smithy). Most of the transitional words are "lu" and there is one "la", perhaps indicating a gender difference. In Shadows of Evil, we see murals depicting knights fighting margwas, and in Griffin castle there are the statues of knights as well. It could be that these knights are A)The Keepers themselves, or B) mortals that were sanctioned by the Keepers to fight the Apothicons. We already know that Archons sometimes entrust humans with the power to fight Apothicons, since the Archon was about to give the Shadows group the Apothicon Rift Stone. On the other side of the fence, you have the Apothicons and their servants. Each of the wonder-weapons names may refer to an Apothicon being or warrior that wielded them. But in this case, I believe we are delving into lore hints instead of functional hints about new Easter Eggs.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by this. The Symbol definitely blinks. It doesn't matter what side of the ritual table you view it from - it blinks - while the others do not. The gif is crappy quality, so go into the game and see for yourself. ....not to burst your bubble. @Ragdo11706 The Apothicon symbol you have marked as #3 - "Mor" is actually "Lor", as from the known word "Lorozzeth", Survive. The Speaker just made it sound like he had a head cold.
  11. Not that I'm aware of. But I doubt it, since during all the normal rituals each "symbol" breaks out of the Summoning Key and flies around the victim. Anyway, here's a shitty GIF I made showing what happens if you go up to the Stone and hold [INTERACT] during PaP. You should be able to see the symbol blinking red. It will continue to do so for as long as you're willing to watch. This is the symbol that blinks red. It is the only one that does so. Others have postulated that it is "Gwaoth", however they do not account for the "orr" syllable (the comet-looking part). Therefore, it could be said to be Orgwaoth, or perhaps Gwaorroth. Off the top of my head, I do not know if it appears anywhere else in Morg City
  12. Oh didn't you know? Both during the PaP ritual, and while killing the Shadowman, if you run up to the Apothicon Rift Stone (or Summoning Key, if you prefer) and hold [INTERACT], you will see one of its 6 symbols blinking red. It may be hard to see but it's one of the symbols by the top, and it's always the same one. The Servant symbol is always blazing bright and the other symbols do nothing, but there's that blinking red one. Personally I think it's a marker that we missed something, but we're allowed to PaP anyway. I'll post a gif or something later once I get home.
  13. I tried to replicate it twice on solo, but no luck so far X(. At least I'm getting better at killing Shadowman - easy as PaP, guess I'll do it from now on. Also I can't get my sword counter to go down by even one. I don't get it. I slew hoards of zombies by decapitation - maybe it was just a bug that they fixed? There are several changes that aren't in the patch notes.
  14. Anyway here's the game state for that playthrough: All ritual/PaP completed, Worms placed incorrectly, Margwa head achieved but not worn, Servant prepped, cued (Upgrade_Ready2), Trip mines acquired, Cold Hard Cash EE complete, At least ten Apothicon traps collected with Beast, Widow's Wine held; wormholed 10+ snared ujoth, Apothicon stone red blink, Shadow Man killed, That's all I can remember. I'm kicking myself for trimming the clip. It was much longer since I have my share save set for ten mins. I thought I'd trim it for relevance but I didn't know how worried you all would get about my partner shooting the zombies. I can't confirm this is an EE, but I can confirm without a doubt that he didn't shoot any on that round. I didn't hear any more bullets flying past me after I yelled at him EDIT: this thread used to be about worm placement before I hijacked it :P So I think today's patch notes are relevant. Zombies General All GobbleGum machines in a level are now active at all times. The GobbleGum machine can now be accessed multiple times per round. The Liquid Divinium drop rate cap of two vials per game has been removed; Players can now continue to earn Liquid Divinium as they progress through a match. The Player’s current GobbleGum pack will now be represented in the inventory screen. Shadows of Evil Personal items and gate worms will now use a shared inventory system. The Ritual duration time has been reduced. Addressed a bug where Players were unable to progress after upgrading the Apothicon Swords and then bleeding out. Several stability issues with the main quest have been addressed. Fixed bug where Margwas would continue to go after downed players.
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