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I think im on to something with free perks

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@Phat130y69ps4 That's been blocked too mate.


Do you have the intro or Secret song in there?


There must be music or something that's being recognised 



Could you perhaps write a walkthrough in the OP of what your doing to get these Perks to spawn.

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I'm pretty sure it's just a random powerup that spawns when you teleport and there is no secret method to it.  I've gotten a perk bottle the first 2 times I teleported one game, and then other times it takes like 10 tries for my first perk bottle. 

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Yeah, the Free Perk Bottles spawn once you teleport, or link a teleporter to the mainframe.




As you can see, I got Deadshot in this video. I hadn't begun the Easter Egg at this point, so I suppose it was possible for me to have picked up Stamin-Up too.



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What i'd really like to know is if there is any concrete data from the pc files to show how often this can occur?  Like with duckcall's zombie charts from BO1 it was proven that it was statistically impossible to spawn a powerup from teleporting after round 34 because of the coding and RNG

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I have noticed that they spawn much less often after the last update. I think I'll try what OP said, letting zombies into the teleporter before activating it to see if it increases spawn rates. Unlikely? Yeah, of course. But it's worth a shot. (It would actually kinda make sense for it to work that way - would prevent people from just leaving a crawler and spamming the teleporter until they get a perk.)

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