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last gen consoles no season pass or the giant

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ok so its confirmed xbox 360 and ps3 will not get the giant or get the season pass so all they will receive is shadows of evil. seems abit of a shitty deal or thing for them to do. im glad i didnt waste my money on last gen the game i knew it would be like a potato but just confirms my suspicions source charlieintel.com/2015/10/23/call-of-duty-black-ops-3-season-pass-wont-be-available-for-last-gen/

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It is shitty for last gen owners.

But this is good for DLC maps. They won't be held back by last gen hardware, so they can have more room, more maps, more unique mechanics, more of everything if they really wanted too.

well beenox are developing the game for last gen anyway not treyarch to port it over. so it wont affect the flow of creativity but it feels like to me this says fuck you to last gen and move on to next gen pretty much. well lets hope the maps have no anim errors now with more hardware and ram capabilities lol. or other bugs left unfixed

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It's a shame for last gen, it really is. But definitely great news for expecting better things out of the DLCs. They need to make the DLCs even more innovative and "boundary pushing" (for lack of a better term) to really sell the point that we need to all move on to current gen now. I bought my PS4 to play all the wonderful new things that current gen can play that last gen can't, and so far they have been few and far between. Hopefully that starts changing now.

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