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When will non hardened edition players get The Giant?

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Although I am massively hyped for the giant, i'll be pretty busy at the time of the release and don't know if I want to spend a rediculous amount of money for the map, and then pay the the subsequent dlcs as well, when the giant will probably be released for free with the season pass.


My question is this: When will non hardened edition holders gain access to The Giant? When do the season passes come out? I seem to remember Advanced Warfare's come out on the day of release?

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Nuketown was ok...at the time I enjoyed it because the shere waste of space Tranzit gave me left a smaller map (NTZ) feeling more like a legitimate map, of course as time went on, I adjusted to bigger maps and NTZ became less appealing, but is still a fun challenge.


Why not just get the hardened addition and wait until you have time to play it? If money is an issue I understand, but I'd rather pay the extra and know I can play it any time I want, rather than gambling and being left out when everyone else is speculating and figuring out EEs.

Or preorder the hardened edition, cancel if you don't have time, and just get a regular copy and a few dollars in your pocket. That way you're already taken care of in case you do, in fact, have time to play. 

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The digital deluxe is the way to go. Yes it means the ANNOYING factor of a Digital Download, however, you get access to the game the second it drops (as you can pre-download), it's the only deal that gets you the season's pass (unless you count the juggernog edition) and the giant, and it's for a smooth 100$ (and it comes with 2 camos which no one cares about). Hardened comes at like 80$ but no season's pass. Juggernog is sold out and comes at 200$ 

This is US currency BTW. 

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