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why does the beta expire

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Well they don't want people to burn out on the beta like they did with a few other games. Some people will play beta over and over until they don't even want to play the rest of the game anymore. 

Not that that matters to us zombie lovers. 

In addition to this, the beta has what you expect: lots of bugs and glitches. By keeping the time period short, you're being prevented from becoming accustomed to the beta format (which may change in the final release) and it avoids repetition as @Stop mocking me0 stated. You have no idea how many people religiously play a beta and end up not buying the actual game because they've made their decision from playing for several months. Late August to mid November is a pretty long ride, especially when you're trying to keep the hype intense.

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In addition to all the good points above, someone could also just pre-order the game, and put down $5. Then, once they get their code, they could just cancel the pre-order, and then they are able to play Black Ops 3 for 2 and a half months all for the price of $5.

Or in my case, pre-order from Amazon UK, get the code in an email and i could just cancel it - no fees are charged. And I will be cancelling it i think for the digital deluxe edition

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