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Nacht: A guide to 100+

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Table of Contents


A. Intro

B. Low rounds

C. High rounds, aka "zone within a zone'

D. Trading in at the box

E. Framelag


Hello people of CoDz. Awful Lawton here, and I'm back to provide a guide to 100+ Nacht. Why, you may ask? My profile picture explains it. I have accomplished my one dream in zombies nowadays: a 100+ nacht game. Trust me, this map is a doozy, but with the technique of 'zone within a zone', you will rarely be hit past 30.


Low Rounds


In rounds 1 to 3, stab all zombies, using your pistol ammo when necessary.

On round 4, buy the m1 carbine, and go for headshots when necessary.

Rounds 5-9, buy the thompson and start hitting the box. You'll want the Thundergun, ray gun, and monkeys. Buy mule kick as well if you wish to do so.

From 10-20, all you will be doing is spamming your ray gun in the spawn room, standing in the help door corner to start each round. why? You'll learn soon enough.


High Rounds, aka "zone within a zone"


So, you've reached round 20. You'll be asking, "what do I do know?" well, the "zone within a zone" trick starts coming into play here. So, you will begin each round in the help door corner. This triggers spawns in only the spawn, allowing easy running through the map. You'll kill the horde in the Thompson room. After that, move into the spawn, and after grouping them up, jump back to the 'corner' to once more initiate the "zone within a zone". In the 20s, you'll be waiting about 15 seconds before moving due to the (still slow-spawning) zombies. Past 30, this "waiting period" will only be 9 seconds. if you run low on tgun ammo (before 40), get your raygun out to kill the horde. You'll likely have some drops spawn, including a max ammo. But after 40, the ray gun is weak. And this leads to....


hitting the box


At some point past 40, you will have to hit the box to get a new thundergun. So, what you'll be doing now is, after killing your last horde on tgun ammo, continue the strategy, but double back to the help room, and buy the thompson to replace your thundergun. what you will do here is carefully looping the help room, hitting the box while spraying your thompson to keep your points plentiful and prevent respawning zombies. And that is.... usually never good. Once you get the thundergun back, kill the horde and continue on. However, after 80, framelag sets in.




So you're wondering, "how will things change with framelag"? My answer is, not so much until the mid-90s, when framelag gets bad. And you also have no claymore to mitigate the framelag. So, we change the strategy. There are two strategies usable, The "sneaky strat" and the "jam strat". Luckily for you, I shall explain both.


With the sneaky strat, you'll start in the help door corner, moving off after 9 seconds to the help room, of course with some grouping up around the 2nd floor. Once down in the help room, you'll group them up, and hit the box. Why? When you hit the box with framelag on nacht (and only nacht), it goes away for 17 seconds, enough time to shoot your tgun, get in the corner, and run upstairs.


With the jam strat, its the same thing, but in reverse. You run into the help room, hitting the box. You then run upstairs, and by the time you get to the strairwell, the framelag sets back in, and all you really have to do in spawn is go once around the pillars, and then shoot.


Good luck!

-Awful Lawton


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ok, so don't open help door but stand near it in the spawn room (for how long) then run to box room via stairs and don't kill until you get to the box room? then what? Sorry for all the questions but I really wanna beat my record on this map. thx

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