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Your Zombies Resume

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Hi, it's the boring guy here.

Today, I just have a simple question: your zombies resume.

It's been years since we first played zombies, and at this point we have probably reached our limit. If your skills have plateaued for a while now, it's unlikely that you would get much better. Everything you have achieved are likely tombstoned.

There are people like Chopper and Danishka who own world records. Then there are people like you and me who have some done things we are proud of, regardless how diminutive they are compared to others. Play this game long enough you will know that it takes skills, dedication, and an insane amount of luck to own achievements.

Your call of duty zombies resume:

Favorite Map: Five

Favorite Weapon: Mustang and Sally

Highest solo: 50 Die Rise

Highest co-op: 45 Five

NML: 243

Other notables:

Flawless co-op to Round 30 on Five, Ascension, Town, Die Rise, Buried.

Thanks for reading, be sure to post yours.

If no one replies then I will post bogus numbers for some notable members.

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Hello Jay.


Here is mine. 


Favourite map: Shangri la


Favourite map with randoms: Call of the dead


Favourite weapon: Mustang and Sally


Highest round solo: 51 on Der Riese


Highest round co-op: 36 Der Riese (Split screen)


NML: 310

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Favorite Map: Idk, Call of the Dead or Origins


Favorite Weapon: Literally any weapon on WaW


Highest Solo: Ha, I don't play solo. Probably about 39 on Kino iirc.


Highest Co-op: 40 Moon


NML: Don't know, don't care


Other Notables: Completed every EE except ascension and buried



I'm long past the point that I can get higher. The last time I really tried to beat my highest was WaW. The moon and kino ones were just to see if I could get closeish to 40.

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Favorite Map: Too many to choose from! Any.

Favorite weapon: Remington New Model Army or KSG

Highest Solo: 45 Kino

Highest Co-op: 36 Nuketown Splitscreen

Primary cause of death: Boredom.

Work Experience: Extensive field medic training. Specialist in versatile gameplay.

Past employers: Vonderhaar owns my soul. that counts?

Education level: Forum dweller for ~2+ years. well-learned.

I think that I would be a valuable asset to your company and look forward to being a productive member of your business. Thank you for your time in considering my application. -Electric Jesus

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Favorite Map: CotD


Weapon: thundergun 


Highest solo:182 tgun only ascension reset


Co-op: 110 Ascension flawless 100  DC    


NML 319


Closest game to WR: 176 Moon (no footage, really regret this. I would be 2nd in the world)


Worst Framerate lag: 77 cotd 20 frames/ 182 ascension 11 frames


Most Kills 165118 Moon 137415 Ascension


Cause of Death: A reset screen after 75 hours KappaFace                                                                                                                                            

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God knows how long it's been since I actually did anything inrcredible, but I do remember a few things:


Favorite map: Der Riese


Favorite Weapon: Trench Gun/Commando/SCAR-H


Highest Solo: 69 SNN


Highest Co-op: 30's-40's?


Notables: Clutched 4-player Co-op, mid 30's at start of round given my whole team of randoms got pinned and died, pulled them through to the next round followed by applauding and friend invites.

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I wish I could say that I had a WR but I don't. =/

Was on 140 Buried earlier and died to a slow walker. Like others I still have things to learn lol. 

Anyway I'll just copy Lawton's and fill in my own stuff with maybe an addition or two. ;)


Favorite map: Origins 

Favorite weapon: Ice Staff (does tomahawk count? =P)

Highest Solo: 200 Mob of the Dead

Highest Co-Op: 50 Die Rise (Was over a year ago)

Highest Kills: 125,000 Mob of the Dead

Rounds that are/should be/should have been on ZR leaderboards: 117 Origins, 200 Mob, 140 Buried. 

Highest Flawless round: 95 Origins. 

Still gotta get a flawless 100 >.>


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I wish I could say that I had a WR but I don't. =/

Arent you one of like 10 people in the world with 200+ rounds?

That would be considered World Record.

Anyways EyeCntSpel asked me to post his....sometime ago in Middle Earth....

Favorite Map: He cant decipher a map

Favorite Weapon: Olympia, its the only weapon you need to high rounds...

Highest Solo: He cant get a girlfriend

Highest Coop: In the living room with his cat. Meow!

Notables: His favorite player is the 12yr_old_virgin.

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