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Good idea for Zombie's merchandise

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I was playing zombies last night and got to thinking about when I was younger and used to have toys that had draw strings on them. You could pull the string on their back and they would say a series of quotes randomly, which I think would be perfect for a zombies fan.



A 40s-50s style doll series (sort of like the way Woodie is made from Toy story) of our heroes, and side characters that would have multiple quotes for your pleasure.


I personally would buy the heck out of this, much more than a silly Lego zombie. It fits the style of zombies perfectly, at least from [email protected] and BO1, would have new lovable quotes (maybe even some Ascension matrayoska doll quotes) for a hard core collector.


I may sketch up some versions of the original four sometime, but what do you guys think?

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The Alcatraz Series


Collect all 5 to Build the Plane


Sal - Comes with uzi, Riotshield, and a plane part

Finn - Comes with Glowing Blundergat that turns green, The Mystery Box, and Plane Part

Weasel - Comes with Raygun, Hells Retriever and Plane Part

Billy - Comes with Tommy Gun, Revolver, and Plane Part

Brutus- Comes with Dream Catcher, Electric Cherry Machine, and Plane Part


Golden Gate Bridge Play Set


Golden Gate Bridge - Includes a Large Golden Gate Bridge playset, A pack a punch machine, 4 Electric Chairs which you can Seat the action figures on and 2 Zombie Figures


I'll be back later with more

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Monkey Bomb Alarm Clock - A monkey Bomb that starts to shake it's head and Scream. Push it's head down to Stop it from screeching.


Origins Lava Lamp - A lava lamp that resembles the 115 generators from origins.


Mystery Box Chest - A Chest which you can pretty much put anything you want in.


The Giant - A piggy bank which resembles the Giants from Origins. Put coins in it's back and it makes a noise. When the bank reaches it's max capacity it makes a noise.


Perk machine Dispenser - A Cooler and dispenser. Put your favorite drinks on the top. This keeps the drinks Cool. When you want to drink something press the button. The perk jingle will sound and it will dispense a drink.

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I had an idea when I was walking home from school once about an action figure series they could do that hasn't got the articulation of say Marvel figures but are around 5 inch and have movement similar to the figures for a TV series named Doctor Who- at least when they had 5 inch figures, look them up if you wan't details but they would come in single packs and work as follows. I got inspiration for it from the ending of Origins seeming as they had action figures of everything in zombies why can't we?



Origins line:

All parts of the Maxis Drone combine to complete it.


Tank Dempsey: He comes with an MG08 Machine Gun, Electric Staff and the Rotor for the Sky Drone.


Edward Richtofen: He comes with the Mauser C96, Wind Staff and the Maxis Brain part.


Takeo Masaki: He comes with his Katana, Ice Staff and the body of the Quadrotor.


Nikolai Belinski: He comes with the STG-447, Fire Staff and the Zombie Shield.


Panzer Soldat: His mask can be taken off of his face and his claw locks into place so it does not fall out usually but can be twisted so it leaves his arm.


The Giant: This is as large as the Giant in Samantha's room, it has full articulation and goes with the rest of the figures. It will also come with the G-Strike.


Sets of the Tank, Main Chamber and Crazy Place could also exist but I do not want to go into to much detail.



Green Run, Great Leap Forward and Resolution 1295 line:

Marlton: He comes with the SVU-AS, Turbine and Jet Gun.


Misty: She comes with the Remington 870-MCS, Galva Knuckles and the Sliquifier.


Samuel: He comes with the Remington New Model Army, Trample Steam  and the Ray Gun Mark II.


Russman: He comes with the War Machine, Head Chopper and Paralyzer.


Avogadro: This works like the rest of the figures just has more flexible joints so it can go into its defensive state like in game. It comes with two Denizens.


Minions: Yet again they have more articulation due to there strange movements, they also come with a perk bottle.


The Big Guy: This figure works as the others do but is taller and comes with a bottle of Booze and a bowl of Candy. 


The Ghost: She has the same articulation as normal figures and comes with a Piano.


Yet again there would be things like the Bus being sold with all of its parts being able to be added to it. Also areas would be sold like the roof on Die Rise and the House in Buried.



Mob of the Dead series:

Arlington: He comes with the Blunder Gat, Acid upgrade kit and the Uniform Clothing plane part.


Billy: He comes with the Snub Nosed Python, Retriever and Wardens Key.


Finn: He comes with the M1927, Zombie Shield and Control Valve plane part.


Sal: He comes with the Uzi, Golden Spork and Rigging Plane Part.


Brutus (Armored): He has a bit less articulation compared to the other figures due to his armor, he comes with his Baton, the Zombie Shield and the Fuel Tank plane part.


Stanley Ferguson (No Armor): He has the same articulation as the other characters, he looks as he did in the intro scene and comes with the Engine plane part.


Afterlife Ghost: This figure is see through and comes with an electric power up box that powers the perks and such. This also comes with the Redeemer.


Other sets may include things like the roof which the buildable plane can be put on and the Dog head in the wall.



Black Ops Line:

Edward Richtofen (Space Suit): He comes with the Thunder Gun, Gersch Device and Vril Device (Combined with Focusing Stone.)


Tank Dempsey (Damaged): He comes with the Zap Guns/ Wave Gun (Can be combined), M16 and Bowie Knife.


Takeo Masaki (Damaged): He comes with the , AK74u and the QED.


Nikolai Belinski (Damaged): He comes with the Shrink Gun, Vodka Bottle and Matroyshka Dolls.



Michael Rooker: He comes with the VR-11, MPL and RPK.


Danny Trejo: He comes with the Olympia, Death Machine and dual machetes.


Sarah Michelle Gellar: She comes with the Scavenger, Sickle and Famas.


Robert Englund: He comes with the Crossbow, Pitchfork and MP5k.



Nova Crawlers: These work like the Minions but are on all fours instead and come with an opening jaw.


Pentagon Thief: He comes with the Winters Howl and a teleporter.


Cosmonaut: He works like Brutus does and comes with the Hacker.


Shrieker Zombie: He comes with a monkey and piece of 115.


Napalm Zombie: He comes with another monkey and Spikemores.


George Romero: He is in his rage mode and has his directors light.


Cosmic Silverback: His articulation is akin to Brutus, he comes with a pile of gold bars and three gems.



There would also be sets for each map for example the main one is the MPD which Samantha is in with the Teddy Bear (She has full articulation like the other figures), also the Rocket from Ascension would come with a lander and Space Monkey's.



World at War line:

Tank Dempsey: He comes with PPSh, Browning M1919 and a standard knife.


Edward Richtofen: He comes with the Wunderwaffe, Monkey Bomb and a radio.


Takeo Masaki: He comes with the Ray Gun, Arisaka and spine jar.


Nikolai Belinski: He comes with the Thompson, .357 Magnum and a broken Vodka bottle.



There would be sets like the Flogger from Shino Numa. Also the Der Riese Mainframe set would come with an opening pack a punch and a dog.


Looking at my entire comment it could A.) Have made up a whole post and B.) Could make Treyarch very rich.

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Replica Ray Gun
Perk-A-Cola drink coaster things (the thing you put your can inside, idk what theyre called )

Warden's Key

Teleporter welcome mat. 

The pack a punch ding doorbell

MOTD Pack-A-Punch camo carpet

Hellhound costume for pet dogs

Replica Wind Turbine 

Random Box toy box

Wallpaper with gun chalk sketches

Perk-A-Cola machine refrigerator

Origins staff parts

Origins Gramophone with staff records

Buildable table desk

Teddy bear...teddy bear

Sliquifier condiment squirter thing


 I spent so much time thinking of all this stuff xD

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