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Question About Zombie Shield


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Every game I go into with randoms they all say the same thing about the shield. "If Richtofen builds the shield it last longer" I myself do not believe this and would like to know if this is legit or has been debunked. This sounds like bull and I have yet to have anyone explain how many extra hits its suppost to take . This sounds to me alot like all the other stupid things one person says and everyone believes (throwing gernades in the lava gives more powerups, save drops for later, jumping during the box moving makes it spawn closer, ect...) so I would like to know if anyone else have heard this . I dont belive it is true but would take the word from someone here  rather than randoms online who call a staff in the lobby and cant even upgrade the staff without having to youtube it (I can upgrade all of them but by round 10 i'm usually done using my mic because of stupidity from randoms) mid game.

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It's funny you say that I also checked in tranzit, with a random character. Same result.



Here is a question, do any of the shields differ in sturdiness? Meaning, Tranzit's shield looks weaker than Origins, does that mean it takes less hits to break? Same with MOTD.



sounds like he answered that question already.  I'm sure the coding regarding the shield is the same across the maps, just the skin is different.

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Well Booms already tested it and debunked it, I wondering if I should enabled the best answer feature for some forums? The best answer can then be selected and appears at the top as the solution.

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I've enabled the best answer feature for this section just now, what do you think?
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If it were an option similar to the poll thread it may be a viable option. However I don't think it would have a place in a discussion thread. Also what would be the determining factor? Brains? The might make users feel obligated to deal Brains where they are not due.

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