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Origins Gameplay Work-Around's


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Thanks a bunch for doing this, Naitrax!

Also, big shout out to BEAST for putting together an amazing compilation of work-arounds, kind of a brain dump of sorts on Origins.

Thanks! And thank you, Naitrix, indeed.

(yes, I'm obsessed often, may as well dump while I'm caught up in the madness of obsession)

Happy gaming!

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Generator 1 info

83457/general knowledge

Solo: when you activate generator 1, the reward chest opens and offers x2.

Custom (even 1 player) and public games: the reward chest will offer up zombie blood.

Solo thoughts: I'm a qr user, i care not for stats, but for fun and playing the game. The down means nothing to me, but the joy of surviving the down and recovering takes me to the happy place. So i usually activate generator 1, even though i don't usually buy qr until after i aquire jugger.

That said, i kill all but 1 round 1 zombie, either trapped behind a window or led downstairs. Then I activate g1, kill as many glow-zombs as possible before finishing the round.

The rewards chest offers x2. I train up round 2 (or at least wait until they are mostly in), grab x2 finish round 2 over 4 grand in points. This usually sets me up for round 3 jugger, which is where i want to be in a game this buggy.

Mp zombies: since zombie blood is the reward here, what to do with it?

Option 1: waste it on an early round (custom solo, stabbing for points saves ammo while making points, otherwise seems like a poor choice).

Option 2: lead panzer soldat to spawn, one player grabs zb and erases his face (should be unnecessary, but might be a good idea for those having trouble).

Option 3: save for the 'Baron' part of Easter egg. This makes the most sense to me, but if not doing the ee, pointless.

Option 4: passing through under duress emergency. Stuff happens.

In an mp zombies game generator 1 is an easily defensible spot through the 20's (or higher) with upgraded staves. Open to g3, leave door to g2 closed. One player watches the window by g1 the others watch the other way.

Strategy category.


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Tank station tank call

83457/general knowledge

With the exception of the first tank ride, you can call the tank for 500 points at the location it is currently not at.

Note that there will be a cooldown period before it can be used. The horn will blow, signaling that it is once again ready for use. Also, the lights on the 'control panel' of the tank will be green when it is ready to go, red if it is still in 'cooldown' mode.

The good bit: say that you're after the lightning staff parts. You ride the tank twice and it's back at church. Now you only want to ride it from the tank station to church and you only have 500 points left. No problem: go to the tank station, call the tank for 500 points. After it arrives and cools down, hop on and the trip to the church will be free.

This way, it only costs an additional 1500 to get the purple staff parts, as opposed to 2000.

Strategy/point saving.

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Strategizing asmb/bro fists/solo

83457/accumulated knowledge

Edit: brofist=one inch punch= punch melee. Asmb=air-strike monkey bomb=beacon.

Okay, this may translate to mp zombies, but i haven't paid enough attention to rounds and simply don't have enough data to formulate a great mp discussion. So, from a solo standpoint:

If you want to train in the crazy place sans walls, the asmb (air-strike monkey-bomb) is less useful. It will pull them away, but can not harm them. I am not saying that you'll never want it or never go out to nml (no mans land) and use it, but that most times i train in tcp, it goes unused, therefor pointless to bother getting it./point to consider.

The brofists are always fun, but getting them too late makes them less useful unless you are going for the ee and upgrade them. You want these early.

The asmb requires melee attacks, thus entangling these two topics.

Thoughts and approximate rounds for these:

IF all goes well; using the shield method to get asmb done is the fastest method to obtain them. Lucky individuals pulling a round 5 asmb. But typically getting them before round 10. The down side is that shield melee generates no points. If going this route, a good plan is to open the first door to g3, if a shield part isn't in those first 2 spots, restart game; since you need to open the tank station, you do not want to waste 750 or 1000 opening a second g3 door.

The asmb can, technically help you then get the brofist boxes filled, but isn't necessary at all.


Brofist first, then asmb: if luck is on your side, you may fill all 4 brofist chests by 10, whereas a safe method is to start filling them at ten, using an upgraded staff for ease. If you manage the round 10 brofist, 2 rounds of melee will give you the asmb. This is not typical though. This will usually turn into the slowest method, getting brofists by 12-15, asmb a round or 2 later. By now, the brofist has almost reaches its max round (becomes a 2-hit kill on 18-19 typically, as it varies).


Staves, asmb, then brofists: this is probably the easiest/safest, second-fastest method. In solo, going for 2 quick staves, should be built and upgraded by round 8 when our good friend shows up to flame us. Put one in the crazy place, use the other to upgrade it, switch when the first is done, leave when the second is done. This would usually be the wind and lightning staff, unless all of the ice staff pieces appeared. (upgraded staves are usually good for melee through 15, 2-hit on 16).

Round 8 may have a lot of zombie casualties, depending on the panzer soldat and how many zombies get killed while dealing with him. But typically, you could melee (upgraded staves have blades for melee) for asmb by 10, then move on to filling the brofist chests by 14, utilizing the charged shot feature of the upgraded staves.

You can try staves> brofists>asmb, but usually will not have enough zombies yet to easily fill the chests (as in 1 box per round). The staves>asmb>brofists method has the better synergy.


In summary:

Shield> asmb> (whenever brofists)= asmb before 10. Medium risk; getting shield is factor.

Brofist>asmb= round 12-16+ complete. Higher risk of downs and frustration.

Staves>asmb> brofist = round 12-14 typically. Lowest risk.

Brofist 1 shot ends sometimes round 18-19 variable.

Staff 1 shot melee through 15.

/solo, possibly translatable to mp zombies.



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Buildables placement strategies:


Okay, where to build what eventually becomes a valid question to all Origins players. This is my opinion and is welcome to discussion/dissection. But I'm pretty smart, so let's see what i have to say:

First off. I opine that the workshop table is by far the most dangerous to access unless you have a lone zombie or 2 or a zombie sitter. Being i play solo often, i have written this one off as being the one to avoid.

Getting to it often leaves you at a high risk of being trapped from both directions in the middle of a round. Conversely, the church can be accessed, with a relatively safe mud path to hop down, even in the middle of a high round. The same can be said of g4/wind tunnel access: a simple burst of speed before you arrive means a quick in/grab/out to safety.


So, if you agree so far, then we basically have 2 buildables, 2 tables, so on to the next thoughts:

Smart build imo: put the maxis drone in g4, this thing will serve you better in late games than the shield (not dissing the shield). The ease of grabbing it while entering tcp for staff-less tcp runs or simply the ease of grabbing it on the run dictates this would be optimum, getting the shield from the church mid-round can be scary, but not terrible. Certainly easier to live without a shield in high rounds. Md is beast.

The last option is for shield melee (remember last post?). While the same set up can be used, and makes the initial church melee easier, i opine that for a player not typically reaching the 30+ rounds, the maxis drone holds less appeal. For that same player, hopping down the mud path under duress from the church table may be the death of them. In this scenario, for these players, i suggest reversing the 2 buildables from the above scenario. The reason is that it is quite easy to head from church or the tank station (the 2 necessary melee points) to g4/wind tunnel and back to the respective location while training your horde mid-round.

Strategy/opinion on strategy dependent upon player.

(edit: fixed wrong words/typos)

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Free zombie blood with ice staff

Seen in Matomasters video. The Twirp told me. Heard bits on codz.

You need the ice staff. You will shoot 3 burning wagons, then run to the top of the dig site and you will find a zombie blood drop. Presumably this is to help find the orange mounds, to dig up an empty bottle to get another perk slot.

Try to be quick, but i did it slowly, poorly and still made this route, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

You want to shoot each wagon squarely in the side and run away before you see the flames extinguish.

Wagon 1: at the corner of the tank path and the path to g5/soul box side.

Hop down tank path to

Wagon 2: where you first enter nml, by the mp40 wagon and the steps up to the dig site.

Head over those steps, stay right along the dig site (outside) to the foot print by the dig site, between g4 and g6.

Wagon 3 is up between the path to g4 and the path towards g6.

Continue clockwise around the dig site until you hit the next dig site entrance, go up, grab zb from one of the alcoves.

Easter egg/hidden drop.

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I would say that i hate the nuke in early rounds, but hate is such an understatement.

How to (hopefully) avoid early nukes: say it is round 3. Stab your zombie pal twice, then run up to him and hit stab as you pull backwards. This gives you an excellent chance of avoiding that awful drop when you certainly would suffer from getting it.

In waw and Bleak Ops, you could ads and stab while pulling back and that would avoid it. But this game is buggy and you can not stab while ads in this one (but an fyi to any playing the older maps).

Note that it is often a runner or a zombie that takes way too much damage that is carrying the bomb, as if we are being trolled by Trollarch (because we are). So be careful. This is obviously an extremely buggy, badly programmed game.

(yes this is a shameless bump for teh knowledge of the thread). :)

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Nice posts 83457.

I'm going to politely disagree with you on the buildables section you wrote, for the sake of discussion and sharing opinions. :P

I actually consider the workshop a rather viable place for the shield in Solo. The Shield is by far more useful than the Drone, since the amount of times that shield has saved my life is just unreal. In solo all you have to do is train up your zombies and keep the train right behind you as you go into the workshop. I've never gone down in there ever while picking up a shield. The strength of the workshop for building the shield is that if you like to run behind the tank station (one of the two best strategies I know for the high rounds), you can easily get another shield whenever yours breaks without taking a long time to get it. The wind tunnel is good too, since it's by the other really good high rounds training spot. :D

The drone really is bad. I've tried it a lot and really here's what I think: it's good to use if you're trying to get to 50 without building a staff. That's about the extent of its usefulness really.

Nice posts though. I like seeing people put up their ideas on Origins - the map truly has a lot of options to think through.

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Can it be the pedestal EE step (put fire staff in slot 4 times) got fixed?

I did it yesterday the first time and it worked fine. Today I try it again, and it's not working. I heard an audio quote, but the staff slot stays there, the robot button is not working... :(

Were all the generators powered up? Before you do that step all must be on.

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Can it be the pedestal EE step (put fire staff in slot 4 times) got fixed?

I did it yesterday the first time and it worked fine. Today I try it again, and it's not working. I heard an audio quote, but the staff slot stays there, the robot button is not working... :(

Were all the generators powered up? Before you do that step all must be on.

oops.... ;)

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