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Saving the Day, Overachiever


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I've gotten all the Achievements but these (and Lost Little Girl, which I almost had).. What is Overachiever - what are the four challenges?

Four ways to revive, I can think of the standard way, standard way in Zombie Blood mode, and with the Ultimate Staves.. Only other I can think of is Krauss Refibulator, but have not seen it in this game.. What am I missing?

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Any ultimate staff. U press left on the d pad aim and revive, just like krauss refribulator. (Incorrect spelling I'm sure)

awesome, thanks mate,..

I suppose an icon shows up in your equiptment that I haven't noticed yet :roll:

O_o didn't know you can revive with the staffs

until the other day id had the ultimate staves but, didn't even know you could charge the shot, my first time was with the ice staff,... :shock: WOW 8-)

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