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  1. Kyle, Cartman , Stan and Kenny Imagine those quotes! And it would have to be waw so cartman has plenty of lines for Kyle Cartman- hey! Why are u biting me! He's the dirty joo! or no keennnny thats my wall gun!! Kyle - no way fatass! They like meat on their bone Kenny - muffled talk (dirty comments most likely) Everytime Stan gets teddy and Samantha laughs he pukes and Kenny gets crushed by some random object at the end of every round just in time to come back in the next round
  2. tattoo247 I would love to wait for the pros (treyarch I assume?) but don't think they will do this for us. as far as the story and history I think we have quite the (awesome and accurate) archive here and I plan to use mmx and tac's ideas for the story with in game quotes for the sequence. (with their consent once I find pc players willing to help me out)that "someone else" can be anyone right? so why not me! btw I saw your tattoo page, nice work man! Rissole thanks man I put in a good hour and a half on this! feels good to get props! yea im thinking bout doing all those, I just wa
  3. Now that the dlc's are done and I have all but 2 achievements to do, I am thinking about what else I can get out of this forum. one thing I always find myself thinking about is if treyarch would ever make an actual comic book with the story lines we have gotten so far. well to get to the point I would like to make a comic book series with help from the community. here is an attempt by me to show what I would like to accomplish. since I play on xbox I cannot get screen shots from in game without having to save to elite profile and all that b.s. I came across ZombieGK's post of hd wall papers an
  4. ^^^ this is #1, think randmos is bad, imagine you have only one friend you play zombies with that still forgets this aint BOP's and constantly is making crawlers! He finally gets it though.. at the end of the BOPS ii season hahahaaha
  5. man that would be sweet. I like how dramatic some of those look. good work ZGK!
  6. There is also another foot print accessible for the spawn robot Thor, where u get the first electric staff piece.
  7. Any ultimate staff. U press left on the d pad aim and revive, just like krauss refribulator. (Incorrect spelling I'm sure)
  8. Once I found it after moving the tank under the stairs that lead up to the church. I couldn't see it until I started the tank up
  9. Do you have any of these for die rise or tranzit? Would love some of those too! Thanks, these are sweeeeet!
  10. i saw your post on my thread and i cant believe i missed this one, i am usually clicking like crazy on these speculation threads!! i still stand that buried is not the end of anything but the end of act 2! and i am also holding to my hopes that not pressing the button will have some sort of effect on origins! a man can dream right??
  11. i thought this got lost with all the new threads coming up! thanks for the interest i was loosing hope in my idea! hahaha. @MaxiMillion i thought about that, the biggest thing i can think of with dr gerch and maxis maybe he thinks someone even if not him could try and power the mpd and the cycle continues.. which i believ will continue to happen anyway untill black ops 3 when it will break. @TheVhyl i know right? i thought i was guna get 0 post back!! now i feel more confident about contributing even with these 4 replies @Infest yea the idea of the 04 being pawns as well is kind
  12. when double points is on the map perks and pack a punch cost half price. I only get this when I buy 4 perks before round 4 thought. not sure if anyone has tested this out all the way
  13. I looked through the forum and have not seen an idea like this. if it is in the wrong section or has been discussed please remove or lock. it is long so be prepared lol Every story needs a hero. As you can see by the title I believe the true zombie hero to be our mad doctor / aetheral being Richtofen! What say you? Im waaaay off? Well, let me share my thoughts of where the story / ee / canon is heading. The first reference I will make is MotD. There is division amongst the forum on how this story was connected to the main story line. While the reasons being many including the discov
  14. YouTube link for mobile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gId6lQs ... ata_player
  15. Great strategy!! Couldn't of done it without this! Just got it done and I feel accomplished! Hahaha It was perfect too since I got all the way out there with 5125 points and I forgot to turn on the power!! So I did 2 trips through this damned house!! just more power for the cause Hahaha
  16. Raygun & namrecka. Seen the thread... I have another buddy ready to go for die rise and buried . we are more than willing to return the favor with help on transit or motd since we did both of those with just 2 players
  17. @Lenne thanks man @vDelta that's y I'm here. U can send me a request on xbl just mention codz so I kno. I usually play 2-3 nights a week n at least 1 weekend day
  18. What's up zombie peoples!? Long time fly on the wall n decided I should make myself visible now. I play Xbox live my name here is also my GT. I never played a FPS before bo1 zombies. My buddies used to play zombies while I sat n watched as they racked up kills n hurled these crazy looking monkeys with cymbals into hoards. After 2 months of observing said f&*kit n bought a used copy of bo1 played kino and went down by some crazy dogs in rd 5. After a few hours (with aim assist, embarrassing I kno) I was up to high teens in rounds pap'ing n killin with a big smile like I just seen my 1st
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