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THE LOST THREADS: 115 + Casimir Effect = Vril Energy

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This thread was an oldie but goody. Written back in spring of last year, the thread was lost when the site crashed. Luckily I pulled a copy from the old VB site months back and saved it to my hard drive.

This thread was written after observing the relationship between Element 115 and Vril during Black Ops. It also details the effects of the Casimir Effect on this energy, as the Casimir Effect played a significant role in BO1 Zombies

Keep in mind that this was written before BO2 was even announced, so some things might be outdated, and the formatting is awful. Nonetheless, enjoy!

After some heavy review, I've come to two conclusions:

1.     Element 115, when in a high concentration and amplified by a strong enough Casimir Effect, creates an abundent amount of Vril Energy.

First off, let's review the characteristics of the two power sources.

Element 115 Characteristics

115 or Ununpentium, plays many significant roles in the world of zombies. Element 115's applications include teleporter technology and serves as a power source for the DG-2 and other various Wonder Weapons. It's used in upgraded weapons via the Pack-a-Punch machine. It's even in the perk a colas. It's major side effect is the reanimation of dead calls via inherent electrical problems. It is a VERY powerful element, the most powerful known to man in the zombies universe. Element 115 meteors have been found in: Shi No Numa, Tunguska, Groom Lake (Area 51), Der Riese, Shangri La, and Moon (confirmed via Astronomical team).

Vril Energy Characteristics

The uses of Vril amongst the Vril-ya vary from an agent of destruction to a healing substance. Vril can be changed into all types of matter, both animate and inanimate. It can destroy like lightning or replenish life, heal, or cure. It is used to rend ways through solid matter. It's light is said to be steadier, softer and healthier than that from any flammable material. It can also be used as a power source for animating mechanisms. Vril can be harnessed by use of the Vril staff or Golden Rod. Vril Energy is also used to pass into the Aether.

Vril is beyond the limits of human understanding and capabilities. The Vril-ya, an ancient civilization who inhabits the underground or "Inner Earth", are the only ones who are truly capable of controlling it. Vril's energy is IMMENSE , significantly more powerful than Element 115.

The Vril-ya are descendants of an antediluvian civilization who live in networks of subterranean caverns linked by tunnels. It is a technologically supported Utopia, chief among their tools being the "all-permeating fluid" called "Vril", a latent source of energy which his spiritually elevated hosts are able to master through training of their will, to a degree which depends upon their hereditary constitution, giving them access to an extraordinary force that can be controlled at will. The powers of the will include the ability to heal, change, and destroy beings and things; the destructive powers in particular are awesomely powerful, allowing a few young Vril-ya children to wipe out entire cities if necessary. It is also suggested that the Vril-ya are fully telepathic.

As you can see, Element 115 shares some common traits with Vril. This is because there are trace amounts of Vril within the Element that are causing these effects to occur. It's the true source of the Element's power. Even miniscule amounts of Vril found in the 115 can be extremely potent and can be used to fuel such things as the teleporters and wonder weapons.

The VR-11

The VR-11, or VRIL, is the only example we have of just how truely powerful Vril Energy is compared to Element 115. Think about all of our Wonder Weapons fueled by 115. The Ray Gun, Thunder Gun, DG2, you name it. Their powers are impressive to say the least. But then consider the VR-11's capabilties. It can cure the infection, make you invincible, and when shot with the Vril Energy, you become an Insta-Kill machine. It's safe to say that when you are infused with Vril Energy, your powers are limitless. This is the true power that is Vril.

Richtofen's Grand Scheme

Vril is the energy source that Richtofen is after. Not Element 115, but the Vril Energy found within it. He needs the Vril Energy because it is the only source powerful enough to open the pyramid and take Samantha's place. And here's how he aquired that Vril energy.

1. Aquire the Golden Rod

As I stated earlier, the power of Vril cannot be controlled by humans. It's power is much too intense for humans to understand or control. Thus why Richtofen can't simply just use the Focusing Stone alone to enter the Vril Pyramid. He needs to find a way to harness the energy safely. And that leads to the Golden Rod (Vril Generator or Vril Staff).

The Vril staff is an object in the shape of a wand or a staff which is used as a channel for Vril. It is described as hollow with 'stops', 'keys', or 'springs' in which Vril can be altered, modified or directed to either destroy or heal. The staff is about the size of a walking stick but can be lengthened or shortened according to the user's preferences. The appearance and function of the Vril staff differs according to gender, age, etc. Some staffs are more potent for destruction, others for healing. The staffs of children are said to be much simpler than those of sages; in those of wives and mothers the destructive part is removed while the healing aspects are emphasized This is why we travel to Call of the Dead. Of course we all know we end up getting stuck in a closet, and ultimately get a gun-toting gang of celebrities to retrieve it for us. After we get it, we teleport to Shangri La to retrieve the Focusing Stone.

2. Acquire the Focusing Stone

“That’s the concentrated element that I need for my project. But how do I get it all?”

“A giant piece of 115 just happen to fall exactly on top of this temple, how is that possible?”

“I will put that rock in my pockets, in my pockets with the spleens!”

These are all quotes taken from Shangri La. Richtofen traveled to Shangri La to retrieve the Focusing Stone. He's aware that is a highly concentrated 115 source, and higher concentrations of the element means higher concentrations of Vril. This is why he needs the Focusing Stone. He plans to capture the Focusing Stone, harness it with the Golden Rod, and travel to Griffin Station to dethrone Samantha.

But even the Focusing Stone will not emit enough Vril Energy to open the Vril pyramid. Enter the Casimir Effect.

The Casimir Effect.

Firstly, if you've never heard of the Casimir Effect, take a look at these links if you'd like to get a better understanding of this first. Otherwise, I will sum it up below:

http://www.scientificamerican.com/artic ... imir-effec



To sum it up the links above, when two metal plates are placed parallel from each other in a vacuum at a specific distance apart will create a pressure in the middle of these plates. This pressure is caused from a slight difference in wavelengths from inbetween and outside the plates. Realistically, this effect is difficult to harness as the calculations are impossible due to an infinite amount of smaller wavelengths. However, if the certain numbers of wave lengths and calculations are known, the Casimir Effect can be harnessed as energy. Considering the source of energy is a vacuum, the vacuum of space could be an incomprehensible source of energy. And to sum that up, two plates facing each other in the vacuum of space can be a source of unlimited energy if harnessed correctly. You can see where I'm going with this.

3. Utilize the Casimir Effect to amplify the Vril Energy within the Focusing Stone.

“Great that worked, now where did I put the Casimir holder?"

"A Casimir effect only occurs when there is a vacuum"

"Ah Gersch, the builder of the Casimir Mechanism prototype, I will show you how to build a REAL one"

These are all quotes taken from Richtofen during the Moon Easter Egg

Richtofen placed the Vril Generator w/ 115 Focusing Stone into the Casimir Mechanism he built on the Moon. After doing his calculations (not without an attempted thwart by Maxis), Richtofen is able to harness the infinite energy of the vacuum of space to amplify the Vril Generator with an enormous amount of Vril via the Casimir Effect. This Vril Energy can be seen emiting from the the Golden Rod & Focusing Stone after the Casimir Effect has occured:

This light can be described as a "steady, brilliant light" and "seems like diffused atmospheric light, not like that from fire, but soft and silvery, as from a northern star.", much like the picture above.

4. Use the newly acquired Vril Energy to power up the pyramid and switch souls with Sam.

When Richtofen returns to the pyramid with the Vril infused rod, the pyramid senses it's own energy in abundent amounts, and thus releases the viles to be filed without buttons or switches. After this is accomplished, Richtofen switches his soul with Sam to complete his grand scheme.

UPDATE: 5/30/2012

If all the Cassimir Effect does is generate energy, then why does repairing the Cassimir Mechanism in Ascension free Gersh, who was trapped in Aether?

The Casimir Mechanism is used to create a gateway between dimensions, Aether to be specific (keep in mind this device is completely fictional, although the Casimir Effect is real). However, this mechanism cannot work unless a TREMENDOUS amount of energy is applied to it. And that's why we need the Casimir Effect to supply that energy for it to work correctly. It's the only power(Vril) source available that would repair it so it functions correctly.

I'd like to also point out now that the Gersch Device works BECAUSE of the Casimir Effect. Look closely at the Gersch Device. Ever wonder why it looks like a waffle maker? Well it's because it is two plates,with a very small space in between them. The Gersch Device also provides a tremendous amount of vacuum as well know. Plates. Vacuum. Sound familiar? It's the Casimir Effect at work. I'd like to thank my good buddy Tac for pointing this out: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=22152 (not sure if link still works)

Let's go back to Ascension:

In the radios of Ascension, we learn Gersch was betrayed by Yuri when he unknowningly set off a Gersch Device, sending him to the Aether. (This is the same thing that happens with the zombies. When they are sucked into the Gersch, their souls are sent to Aether to feed Samantha's power.)

When we arrive, Gersch asks for our help to repair the mechanism so he might escape Aether. You'll notice throughout the Easter Egg, Gersch continues to shout "More Power! More Power!". This is because the Casimir Mechanism needs such a significant amount of power (Vril energy) to funtion properly.

When you complete all the steps and see the light on the ground next to the Casimir Mechanism, you can thow a Gersch Device on it, and you'll hear these quotes:

Gersch: "I can see the outline, but there isn't enough power!"

Richtofen: "There is so much power here already, and you need MORE?"

It's not until we throw a Gersch Device, and blast the device with 115-infused Wonder Weapons that the Casimir Effect occuring in the Gersch Device is amplified enough for a steady gateway or wormhole to be created. The blast of the 115 Wunder Weapons amplifies the Casimir Effect significantly, the power is transfered to the Casimir Mechanism, and the gateway is created.

This is what was going on at the Russian Cosmodrome.


As you can see, Vril is a crucial part to this story. Zombies are reanimated because of the Vril. Wonder weapons are produced from Vril. It's been in front of our eyes this whole time, hidden within the 115. We can also conclude that without the Casimir Effect, Richtofen's plans to take Samantha's place would not have been possible.

http://www.scientificamerican.com/artic ... imir-effec





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@Rapt and @RichKiller I know you two have read Shooter's thread about Time Travel and the Aether, and I ask you, upon reading this thread, is there a connection between Ethereal Energy and Vril?


Ethereal Energy is described to be everywhere, omnipresent, while Vril seems to be only there at extremely high concentrations of energy. However, both are directly connected to 115, both become higher the more 115 there is. Could we conclude that Vril is a very high manifestation of Ethereal Energy?

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23 minutes ago, anonymous said:

@Rapt and @RichKiller I know you two have read Shooter's thread about Time Travel and the Aether, and I ask you, upon reading this thread, is there a connection between Ethereal Energy and Vril?


Ethereal Energy is described to be everywhere, omnipresent, while Vril seems to be only there at extremely high concentrations of energy. However, both are directly connected to 115, both become higher the more 115 there is. Could we conclude that Vril is a very high manifestation of Ethereal Energy?

I think this thread is a bit outdated but it does touch some interesting concepts, that were starring mostly in BO1


"The ancients found a way to breach the void ; Follow in their footsteps." - Samantha, Origins. 

Aether in the story is supposed to be the space in between matter (similarly to physics theories floating around, they even got support from Einstain). 


What keeps the universe in tact is Element 115, in the proper amounts.  


Richtofen must understand that using these teleporters to jump between dimensions is both dangerous and imprecise. At any point, the fabric of space-time could collapse if the proper amounts of 115 are not maintained. l am also concerned about the unknown effects of trans-dimensional jumps. l have noticed even with my brief travels that new memories and emotions have flooded my mind, suddenly appearing from nowhere. l am also sure something is happening on a molecular level as well.


Excerpt 27101978
The life force from the dead world allows the bearer to flow with all creation.


Thanks to the sacrifice of Maxis and the contraption called Sophia all the 115 has been purged from the final universe. Thank fucking god. Time to get some rest. -M

115 flows all around creation, in the space at the void, i.e the Aether. Opening rifts and jumping between dimensions is super dangerous because it messes with the flow. 


This ties into another concept which is "energy fields". You can read more about fields in here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_field


Though my understanding of the aethereal realm remains limited, I am convinced that the manipulation of the energy fields within all matter is vital to uncovering the dimensional gateway itself.


Excellent! The Energy fields are changing, transforming, flowing... uh, you are on the right path.


Vital energy flows through all things, living or dead. My power to manipulate these forces is fragile, and limited. That is why I need your help. Dummkopf


irl the term "energy fields" is meaningless because energy does not have a direction. However, it could very easily make sense with the zombies story,
as the Aether is not limited to our 3D world, and so technically the energy can be directed "in and out of reality itself". A field directly implies a flow when you have interactable matter.  

This is also tied to Agartha as well. 


The Casmir affect is directly tied into Aether, as it speaks about Vaccum, which is technically a space without matter, but as we know such places are occupied by the Aether. 

From wikipedia, you can once again this concept is connected to wormholes (i.e rifts):


The Casimir effect shows that quantum field theory allows the energy density in certain regions of space to be negative relative to the ordinary vacuum energy, and it has been shown theoretically that quantum field theory allows states where the energy can be arbitrarily negative at a given point. Many physicists such as Stephen Hawking, Kip Thorne, and others therefore argue that such effects might make it possible to stabilize a traversable wormhole.



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I don't see any quotes/evidence referencing "Vril Energy".
I see the Vril Device, with Focusing Stone inserted, using the Casamir Mechanism to fill with "energy".
As far as I can tell most of this stuff about Vril liquid etc comes from sources outside of the games. Aka the Vril wikipedia page. 
It's interesting speculation, but seems extremely unlikely now.

Especially with the Vril being essentially replaced with the Keepers.
And the Keepers being associated so heavily with the Aether.
The first line of the timeline even says:
IN THE BEGINNING There was only the Aether and the Keepers.


If someone can find anything to show that Vril are not just Keepers since the retcons then it's a fair argument to make.
But if the Vril is just another name for the Keepers now, then it's clear that "Vril Energy" is just another word for "Aethereal Energy"

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I'd like to note the difference between 'Vril' and the 'Vril-Ya'. The latter being, indeed, the ancient alien race we know as Keepers, religions calling them Gods or Demons, the Coming Race mythos calling them the Vril-Ya. Essentially the name doesn't matter, but the Black Sun symbol shows that this is indeed the same race as is spoken about in external sources like the Coming Race.


That alone can be seen as  a reference to Vril, or Vril energy, but there are more. Most are in Black Ops I, the Vril Rod, the Vril Sphere, a morse code in CotD blinking 'VRIL' and files being named after Vril, such as the Aztec calender in CotD. Of course one could argue that these are all references to the Keepers (the Vril-Ya), but I do believe the energy also plays a role in this. Spoilers for Richkiller!


Think about how in the Coming Race / Hollow Earth conspiracies there is spoken about a large sun emitting Vril energy, which correlates with our 'Apothicon Sun' encountered in Revelations.  Surely this big ball of concentrated 115 is powerfull enough to irradiate Vril.

Ethereal energy is everywhere. 115 is the fabric of space-time, of our 3D-temporal universe. Perhaps this ever-present, unperceivable form of 115 (if I can even call it like that) is Ethereal Energy.  I think the pure crystalline form of 115, the form the Apothicon Overlords send in meteors to Earth, is a concentrated form of Ethereal energy. The energy it emits is no ordinary ethereal energy anymore, it is called Vril.


And @RichKiller I think those energy fields are the ever-present ethereal energy. See it as 115 in some kind of very thin state, dimensionless and unperceivable, like Shooter said in that other topic "like the atmosphere around Earth". In another plane but yet all around us, as it is the fabric of space time. Once we got the element crystalline, perceivable, however, it becomes a whole other story. Imagine a "brick" of space-time in the form of a rock, imagine the amount of ethereal energy concentrated. I think this is Vril energy.


EDIT: Maybe the Conversion Generators in Origins convert this Ethereal Energy into perceivable, liquid 115

Społeczność Steam :: Poradnik :: ORIGINS - 9 PERKS

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19 hours ago, anonymous said:

EDIT: Maybe the Conversion Generators in Origins convert this Ethereal Energy into perceivable, liquid 115

Społeczność Steam :: Poradnik :: ORIGINS - 9 PERKS

The conversion generators are tied again to the energy fields:



Researching Element 115 continues to yield unforeseen results. The conversion process creates localized energy fields which appear to function as portals, bringing forth objects of indeterminate origin. It is my hypothesis, however outlandish, that this transferal of matter may actually be occurring through space and time. I believe the answer may lay with the broken rune stones located at the mound, perhaps channeling sufficient energy from the conversion generators to their location may prove fruitful.

My guess is that the conversion generators simply convert the 115 from solid to liquid, which connects again to the 115 flow. 


Edited by RichKiller

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