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? Eyes hell and Two teams...

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So we've all see the trailer for the next map, which looks awesome...

But look... The moon radios say Samantha didn't enter the device until the 1940s.... Why are these 1920 zombies eye's yellow.....

Here's my theories:

The simple one: The zombies are being controlled via the "ancient civilization" and none more is needed to be said about that...

The better one: This map actually takes place in a memory of the O4's and some grand evil (either the vrill or Satan) is making them re-live this day.... Like MOTD...

Either the vrill took the O4 from moon and placed their minds in a virtual reality system for study, (Richtofen's body would have held the same memories as richtofen had, Samantha was then escorted out and made into some kind of demonic announcer for this make-shift map, not in richtofen, explaining yellow eyes.... ) This would makes sense, because if the Vrill are in argotha and Sam is in argotha, this would explain how she got there... Virtual reality... Maybe at the end of the EE if we pushed maxis's button we will be saved from argotha and the argoth-onians, and if we chose richtofen we stay sealed....

Or this map is at the hand of lucifer and he has disguised the zombie's eyes as yellow to cover his trail, meaning the O4 are dead, and they either will never be seen again or they will take the roll of being the "hell" crew, traversing the underworld, and the N4 would pursue the land of the living, never being allowed to die....

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I dont know if you have heard this but the eye color might be not becuse of who is in control but the inentions of the zombies. the characters in the new map are the orignal four but younger and in the past some how.

Yeah I know, did you even read the paragraph? Yes it's possible someone else is controlling the zombies, and it's also possible no one is... I'm strictly speaking that if someone is controlling the zombies.

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This is just a map showing the first time the O4 met which is in 1918 during WW1.

Also it's "Agartha" not Agortha.

Not "they're dead and stuck in hell" stuff like MotD. The notes suggest dont suggest anything like this, none of the official statements have said anything even close to something like this. With MotD we were immediately told you can go to purgatory and from the trailers it was evident we were in hell.

Has anyone ever thought the blood vials may just be a fun nod to MotD? Treyarch has done plenty of stuff like that also.

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If they're reliving the day, the zombies eyes would be red, like in MotD. If it were purgatory like that, what reason would there be to hide anything?

If anything, I think the simple answer is the best, because you're "better answer" involves getting the O4 killed and preventing half of our questions from ever getting answered.

Also, Nacht and Verruckt were before Samantha became the announcer, and their eyes were yellow/orange, so it's more likely that no one is in control.

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My guesses are A: We're literally just starting over to fill in the big gaps of story from [email protected]

Or B: They're explaining in greater detail the fact we cross timelines, and of course to show how the whole zombie idea came to the Nazis. I highly doubt anyone is repeating anything, in the same time frame. Everything seems to be plucked from one timeline and placed in another, it could even be a way to explain why there are only so many models of the same zombie? That would be a cool way to add their limitations to fit in the story itself, like every multiple zombie is that person, taken from a different time and placed in this present.

We should know more in the next day or two with the trailer, I hope it is at the beginning of this week not the end.

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A: this is the O4 they would know something was up if the eyes were red. Lucifer could hide this by changing the color.

B: AGAIN, I have stated this is simply an idea surrounding if there IS a demonic announcer.

C: The idea of their death is only one of the two "better" ideas up there.. The first is just that they're in a virtual-reality-stasis. Perfectly alive and well.

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I agree origins does look very awesome :D

But with the radios on moon yes you do have a point, and the eye colors are pretty much the same, but they still can or cannot be controlled by samantha. Since they are in the Ather or in some sort of, they have a form of control of time and space. So the controller of the Aether is able to go back into time and set control of the zombies.

Your theories are some sort of blown out of proportion with the "ancient civilization" or a "Satan" making them relive this moment as like MotD.

Also with the references to MotD with the blood vials is just a shout out to the map, they have done this before.

So yea, in all the controller of the zombies I think is going to be the person who you helped out in the buried end game easter egg.

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Well to be honest what i really think is that maybe this is just a start over to fill the Gaps, but as someone suggested that the blood viles are just there for a nod, i strongly disagree. I have been shot down many times so I will be ok if you reject this but there is a connection. Nikolai's name and these blood viles is just too much of a troll dont you think?

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Whats the thing with blood vials? I missed that one :?

I spelled vials wrong, damn. That aside in the trailer , the very first one, they show the close up of all the characters and Richtofens character has two blood vials on his waist with numbers on it. These numbers are the prisoner numbers for Sal and Finn (My favourite character!).

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