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Any Kingdom Hearts Fans?


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13 hours ago, Rissole25 said:

Do I need to do DDD on Critical or anything? I'm doing it on the hardest one available now (I think it's Proud) but just not sure if it's required for Plat.

Proud minimum. It's only required because the Zero EXP ability is needed for only 1 trophy.


Suggestion for flick rush: use Yoggy Ram, Tatsu Blaze, and Frootz Cat, and play defensively. When you block an attack with Yoggy and tatsu, you get mega flare which damages inactive dream eaters as well as the active one. When blocking with Frootz, you get an elixir to replenish HP and card stock. You'll get star ranks in most rounds pretty easily this way.

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On 2.2.2017 at 9:33 AM, ZombieOfTheDead said:

You guys want to hear something pathetic?


It's only been a week and a half since the game came out and... I already have DDD's platinum trophy.


Do you wanna know what is really pathetic?


I don't even have it yet. ;_;

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On 2/3/2017 at 0:20 PM, Lenne said:


Do you wanna know what is really pathetic?


I don't even have it yet. ;_;

Whattaya doin? 


On 2/2/2017 at 10:46 PM, Rissole25 said:

Oh okay that's cool. It's not a LV 1 run is it? Otherwise I'm screwed haha.

No, lol. All you have to do is activate the ability when you get all of the other permanent abilities. 


And yeah, that pic was pretty cool. Here's to hoping we get something new soon.

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So I just beat 0.2 and gotta say that I am very impressed from a gameplay perspective. Simply because I had some of the most fun just playing Kingdom Hearts with that... maybe even the most fun, but if it will be just as good or maybe even better with 3... oh boy, then we are in for a real treat and like ZotD said: The level design is very good as well.


There are two things that bothered me though: One minor thing wich would be that the jumping did feel somewhat unresponsive on occasion and the bigger thing which would be the fact that the cutscene after the final battle was a bit too short. I understand it is basically just a demo, but if you attempt to do the whole door scene from the original game from Mickeys/Aquas perspective then you should do it justice and not try to squeeze it in there with full force.


Other than that I am satisfied with the game and now I am going to start with DDD.


I have a question for you guys though: Will you get the collection for PS4?


I will. simply because it releases on my birthday and if that isn't fate well then I don't know what is. haha

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I agree with the jumping not being the best... I think what gets me is how slow Aqua is on her descent, it's very floaty.


I'll get 1.5+2.5, but not till later. I don't plan on playing them again until KH3's release date is announced, since I intend on doing my series playthrough then. I'll probably end up trying to platinum the games again, too....

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Tbh, I had more fun trying to find all chests and doing most of challenges after brother finished the game on same save in 0.2 than so far in DDD, and we have done like (7?) worlds. I dont know why, DDD just feels weird after not playing older KH games in years. I have been playing it though with brother and had some fun, but found 0.2 to be more towards me.

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So I finally beat DDD and BBS 2 (I'm just gonna call it that cause it's pretty much that and easier to remember).


So I started DDD on Proud Mode. Sora had Meow Wow, Riku the Komory Bat. That was legit their only Dream Eaters. I was waiting to craft the Elephant one for Sora and another one for Riku, but I never got the materials for them. At this point it got to the The Sorcerer's Apprentice world and I just said fuck it, it'll be more meaningful if I just use them anyway (since they started with them). Finally I hit a wall with Xemnas and Anti-Nightmare Black Coat. Decide to also use MW and KB as the second Dream Eaters for Riku and Sora respectively. Alls good, beat both. But now I hit a HUGE wall with Young Xehanort. I'm LV 33. Because I only have those two Dream Eaters, my command list looks like Curaga, Blizzard Edge, Firaga, Fire, Balloon, Balloonra and Dark Splicer. I got destroyed. I don't have Second Chance or Once More. So if he gets me in a combo at about 2/3 Health, I'm dead. I level to 40, but it only helps a little bit.


At this point I look up videos. I see people using multiple Balloonga's, a Firaga Burst and a Dark Splicer. Okay cool, I've got one of those. I look up how to get the others. I apparently need some other Dream Eaters, but I really want to do this with just MW and KB. So I have to do Flick Rush. And to do that, I need a 3rd Dream Eater. So I just created the 3rd one, which is the flower one I think. Get into Flick Rush (and realize it was pretty much Chain of Memories (not too bad for me, I actually didn't mind CoM gameplay)), get through that, and purchase a Firaga Burst and 2 Balloonga's.


By this point I had Young Xehanort's pattern mainly mesmerized. But Balloonga, Balloonga, Firaga Burst, Dark Splicer would do some massive damage that would interrupt him continously, so I was cool with that, even if it was cheap. At this point, I get to the clock, and double jump and use both Balloonga's and the Firaga Burst. Cool thing with FB is that you stay where you cast it, so all those attacks pretty much missed me. And I beat it, plus VAN. Here's the problem though. I had to leave for work shortly. So I watch the cutscenes, look up the correct answers for Roxas, Ventus and Xion's questions (just making sure I didn't miss out on anything), answer them, enjoy the ending. Gets to Sora leaving Yen Sids tower, and I decide to pause it and watch the rest later. Only I can't. It's literally the only cutscene I can't pause because it's right before the credits. I thought whatever, I'll sit through, pause after. Then I get Sora in Dive Mode, and I can't pause it. I just had to turn it off, couldn't waste more time at this point.


Come back the next day, beat YX and VAN easily. This time I skip the cutscenes, but realize doing that skips over the questions as well...-_-. So I restart again and beat them again, skip till then, answer the questions. Okay all cool. Get the shiny letters, get the secret message and ending. Okay DDD done!



Overall I actually really liked this game. At first I was a bit apprehensive with it, but Flowmotion really clicked with me and so did the adorable Dream Eaters. Flowmotion is very abusable though, you can get pretty much any chest right away (also it has Flowmotion walls in VAN, which again, easily abusable to avoid any attacks). Time Travel always makes games very confusing though, and KH is already confusing enough. But yeah I enjoyed the game altogether.



Okay onto BBS 2 which I just finished today. I only have a normal PS4, so it was just 30 FPS. It was noticeable at first, coming from 60 FPS DDD, but I soon didn't even notice it. It felt weird going back to the normal KH1/KH2 style gameplay. But it was nice return. The graphics were fantastic. The little explanations Nomura put in for things were really cool (Terra-Xehanort finding out Ven's location, leading to Org XIII going to Castle Oblivion in the first place. Mickey losing his shirt), although I will say, it was a sharp contrast with Mickey losing Aqua, and then saying what he says to Sora at the end of KH1 weirdly happy like. Also it felt like they really didn't want to show Riku's face. Maybe they didn't model it? Oh yeah, and I thought it was a little funny with how they did flashbacks, but showed it in the old styple graphics.


The ending with Sora was interesting, but left me like "oh...". Like he came back from seeing Dream Eaters, okay cool. Makes sense. But then they are in the Gummi Ship lost, Sora follows his heart and says "Let's go to Olympus Collisuem!". I thought it was going to be some special or meaningful place, not a random Disney world we already knew was gonna come back.


Overall, I liked it though. The Aqua customization options were interesting and fun to play with, reminded me of Lightning Returns: FFXIII.



Now I just need time to watch Back Cover. Although I hear it's not as impressive. But I guess it will explain the 0.2 opening (since the Keyblade the black coat guy had, had the Vulpes insignia I think).

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So fellas what did you think of Back Cover?


I thought it was decent. But, it just ended abruptly. Like "oh...that's it?". And it annoys me, its like "see the rest of the story on KHUX!". Yeah I'm not playing that game anymore. Their gacha is horrible and it takes far too long to get into the story. I will just stick with watching the cutscenes on Youtube.

That said, the Master of Masters was a pretty interesting character! And I can see him being the main villian after Xehanort. He is not overtly evil, but his whole giving each leader a task, pretty much always puts them at odds with someone else. Which in turn, kinda makes them all traitors. It seems like it's all orchestrated by him. Can't forget Luxu and him having Xehanort's Keyblade with the Masters eye in it. I'm pretty eager to learn about Maleficent wanting the Book of Prophecies now, as well as the Data Scape.

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@Rissole25 @ZombieOfTheDead @Ehjookayted @HitmanVere I know, you guys ain't around anymore, but let's have a fucking party!!! :')


You too, @InfestLithium.


How are you guys liking the game so far?

I just got done with Toy Box and the mech toys weren't as annoying as I imagined them to be. Hercules was a fun world as well. I am just a bit sad that Twilight town is so small. Other than that I love it so far. The only thing, I think I might dislike, is the pirates world, cause I hate ship battles, but maybe it will pleasantly surprise me as well.

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4 hours ago, Rissole25 said:

Thoughts on the game @Lenne? Especially the ending/s?

My heart just skipped a beat. ❤️

The ending did feel rushed and like Nomura just wanted to put as many stuff in there as possible. I really enjoyed everything up until Keyblade graveyard, even the Pirates world, which is probably my favorite. haha Regardless I am not satisfied with how Xehanort was handled, how easy the final fights were and the ending of the saga in general. But I'd be lying if I didn't feel a bit "teary" when the days crew got back together.

The epilogue was cool, in my opinion. I didn't see it coming, but it made sense.

The secret ending I didn't really mind, but I wasn't blown away by it either.


I think some of the stuff in the graveyard could have been in some of the Disney world as well. You know so it wasn't all shoved to the ending, but a bit more spaced out. I hope you know what I mean.


From a gameplay perspective, I really enjoyed it, for the most part. It was some dumb and calming fun, but it is really easy. And the worlds are really good, the only one I found meh was Frozen.


I don't believe it is my favorite game on the PS4, but it is definitely up there. Maybe it will get better with the potential final mix DLC?

How are you liking it?

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Pretty much the same opinion.

I thought having no breather world in the middle of the Disney worlds was a mistake. Like no Radiant Garden or expanded Twilight Town visit (don't even get me started on the lack of FF characters). It was just a bit tedious doing Disney after Disney. And it shows at the end unfortunately, when the last 20% is like shit we gotta tie up the plot now.

Arendelle was probably the worst world, and I have a feeling it's going to be the Agrabah of the next saga unfortunately.


Characters in this game were odd. Trinity Trio was at their best this game, and the ending with Donald and Goofy calling out for Sora after the "game over" was brilliant. But at the same time, everyone else felt shafted and nerfed. When something bad's about to happen, deus ex thing appears to save the day, be that Sora, Lingering Will, Yen Sid, Guardian, Ephemer, etc.

Beast Aqua from II.8 takes on Vanita's solo but still manages to lose (even when we win :/), she gives up when Demon Tide closes in (I don't get or understand why, she isn't that type of person).

Riku should've been the one to save Aqua but instead we ran hoops around Disney worlds when Sora could've done it all along, and did it anyway. And I also felt some of Riku's voice acting this game was a little off. I think it was the direction he was given though, cause I thought Repliku and Dark Riku sounded fine.

As for Kairi...well oooof. For someone hyped up to be a Keyblade wielder and someone who would finally join the fight, she did very little except be a plot device again. Same with Axel, but we've had a few games to get his character from already.

The heroes just felt odd this game, but it was opposite for the villains. I thought they were great! The Organisation Rehash banter was gold, I was pleasantly surprised with the Vexen twist as well.

Xehanort. Yeah I know everyone tends to get a happy or not bad ending in this series, but it felt silly for Xehanort to have a redemption at the end. Lets just forget all the awful things he's done over the past decade. I mean, I even felt sorry for Ansem and Xemnas when they faded away.


Epilogue was very surprising! But I refuse to play the mobile game due to it's awful gacha practices, so I suppose I'll just watch the cutscenes I think.


Overall I still enjoyed the game and my mouth went from smiling to wide open as soon Sora disappeared. Hopefully a Final Mix DLC can rectify some of those issues.

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I also wanna give props to Square on how polished the game looks, feels and sounds. I haven't encountered any glitches or major fps drops. From a techical side this game is flawless and every other dev team should take their time with the games they make ( or the publishers should let them) cause then a lot of games could get a far better reception. It is possible to make a great game without any major glitches or other technical inconveniences.


Also: Critical is super fun. haha

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