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Ending(s) I would like to see.

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So I would like to see ending for BO2 / Zombies all together being something along the line with these. There would be 3 endings. Richtofen, Maxis and Richtofen's sanity ending.

Regardless what the next map brings if you complete Richtofen ending you get cutscene where group of 3 survivors are running away from zombies and eventually get killed. You hear Richtofen laughing and you see the survivors being brought back to life and they start their run from the zombies again. You hear Samuel begging Richtofen to stop in which he says: "You better start liking this" and laughs.

With Maxis ending you see cutscene where he opens the Agartha and Aether to the Earth. He gets his body back and finds Samantha and the O3 in the now damned world. There are zombies everywhere which are in the control of Maxis. Maxis hugs Samantha and says everything will be alright now. Suddenly there is the laugh of the demonic announcer and the eyes of the zombies turn red. Maxis desperately asks "What is this?" as the zombies rush towards him, Samantha and O3. The cutscene will end with Samantha crying and O3 shooting the zombies as they are closing in as a massive wave.

The last ending which I would like to see would be sort of "good"ending. The group gets contacted by Richtofen's sanity which got separated from him when he found the pyramid. They will help him to reset time and to connect with his past self in Der Riese in the 40's. We get cutscene of Richtofen walking with Maxis down on aisle when suddenly Richtofen gets horrible headache he tells Maxis to go on and says he will follow him soon. You can see Richtofen to talk by himself. "What is this?" "Get out of my head!" "...Yes... I will... I see now." The cutscene ends as Richtofen pulls out his Luger and squeezes the handle in his fist and looks forward to the direction Maxis went.

Thoughts? These were just some of my mind's ramblings :lol:

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i'm assuming you meant Der Reise rather than Die Rise in the richtofen sanity pert right?

pretty cool thoughts, I like the Idea of Maxis having the tables turned on him once he opens Agartha

Ah ah yes I'm very tired. :D

Thanks for pointing it out I'll edit it.

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i'm assuming you meant Der Reise rather than Die Rise in the richtofen sanity pert right?

pretty cool thoughts, I like the Idea of Maxis having the tables turned on him once he opens Agartha

Ah ah yes I'm very tired. :D

Thanks for pointing it out I'll edit it.

haha no problem. Like the ideas!

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I think those are awesome endings. Specifically the Maxis one. It's something I'm particularly expecting because for some reason I feel the Maxis side may be the canon one in this game. Mostly because it's the more interesting side as opposed to Richtofen and even thoguh I do actually want the old crew to come back and be an option, I believe Treyarch will continue this to the next game. Unless they use the old crew and contine...

Anyways, I feel like Maxis is doing all of this because he has been given this gift of omnipotence from something unknown and he intends to use it to reunite with his daughter. The original demonic announcer may come back as a result though. I kind of think Maxis was given this power to save Samantha and in return he switches places with the real announcer. A deal with the devil theory I've had.

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I would like to see an ending which has the Portal 2 mindset.

after Wheatley takes over the facility the developers working on portal 2 wanted to find a good way of getting rid of him which would please fans the most. If GLaDOS Kilkenny him they would mourn the loss of a lovable character, even if he's bad. If GLaDOS just have him a slap on the wrist it would be very un-GLaDOS-like. They found that stranding him in space would be the ideal middle ground.

Likewise, I don't want maxis or Samantha to die, and I especially don't want Richtofen to die, but it wouldn't be very treyarch-like for everyone to end up back In their own bodies happily ever after. They need to find the perfect middle ground.

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Yeah, I'll have the Maxis ending with a side of fries please. :)

I really like all three of these endings, particularly the last two. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Maxis ending play out like you mentioned, with a huge plot twist in typical Treyarch fashion.

I like when your mind rambles Matuzz, you come up with some great stuff.

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I don't think it matters in the end who or what we choose:

(Given we get to play in 2 different maps)

Map 1:

Maxis: Heads to argotha, opens portal... Ends up releasing the "ultimate evil" and the World begins to be devoured by it.... Samanthia and the O4 are OK... (Because they're the f-ing O4 they don't die).... Then maxis makes a hard desesion: Call upon Richtofen to help re-claim the world... Or watch the world burn and die... In the end he releases richtofen, puts everyone back in their own body's, and sends Sam. And richtofen down to the final map (wherever it is) to help....

Richtofen: Consumed by his own madness, he finds he can not gain the full possession of ANY body on earth, so he takes a different rought.... He trys to possess his own body in argotha! In doing so he gains his own body back as well as maintains control of the aether... BUT then the "ultimate evil" uses richtofen as a conduit to reach into the MPD and take control, making HIM the over-lord of the aether.... Richtofen FINALLY after almost 100 years in time-traveling.... Comes to his senses and uses the rest of what little power he had to eject samanthia's body from the MPD and teleport himself and the others to her... Where he then says: Samanthia.... Help me fix this mess....

Compleating these Easter eggs unlocks "Evil" mode in addition to easy and origional.... The zombies eyes are red, the box is the MOTD chest (In MOTD it just stays the chest) and there are no specific "rounds" only a timer, zombies will NOT stop spawning in, once that timer hits zero all the zombies will become the next teir stronger: Round 1 zombies become round 2 zombies.... You can no longer buy amo from a wall, you must actually purchase the WHOLE weapon again... There is no double points, nukes, perk drops, or Fire sales, only Max-amos, carpenders, and insta-kills....

Perks still work the same, but all perma-perks are GONE... No bank or weapons locker.... Monkeys now do the opposet of what they're soposed to do: As they now repell zombies away from the bomb (making it harder for the player to accomplish what they need) ... Jumping jacks spawn for a whole timer's period in die rise, brutus still spawns, huckleberry doesn't appear (don't worry everything in the area is already open), and entering the witch's house will cause all the zombies for the rest of the timer's period to become ghosts, and the MOTD dogs will actually snap AT you now....

And the worst bit? Everyone gets 1 shot at the box... The second a player hits the box a second time: It moves! (Each time it moves a player's hits get reset, so basically the box allows 1 weapon per person before it moves again....)

That's evil mode... In which all easter eggs are dissabled...

Second map: (If no players have compleated maxis or richtofen they spawn in as CDC/CIA agents....

Maxis: Samule, Richtofen, Takeo, and Russman, All work together Using their brains, bad-assery, and in the end the evil one is vanquished back into the MPD, where samanthia then takes her body back.... And exits the MPD.... Making all zombie's on earth revert back to non-glowing eyes... For a moment, then a familure voice is heard: Hahhahaa... Hello again! Takeo: I knew he would return to help us.... Richtofen: Gersh? Hello there! How are you talking to us? .... Gersh : Simple I took control of the MPD after it was unoccupied... And I'm sorry to say but I do not have the power to stop the zombie's rampage.... However I can assist you all in anyway I can.... For the rest of the game the zombies eyes will be green, occasionally there will be a red-eyed zombie wich will ALWAYS drop a power up... Additionally, the entire map has permanent fire sale, all perks, and all perma-perks stay active the WHOLE game: Teddybear, quick revive, perma-juggernog, headshots, phd, half-back durring double points.... All of them the whole game!

And lastly for Compleating the WHOLE Easter egg for maxis, you are rewarded with a brand new perma-perk that never goes way (unless you're on a survival map) that allows you (you one player) To buy all the perks, thats right, no more stopping at 4, you can purchase all the perks in any map! As well your skull-ranking-symbol will now hold a Green-eyed zombie with a red-sheild back ground....

Richtofen: Playing as Tank, Nikolai, Marelton and Misty you help samanthia who in her predicament is behind the scenes working to help richtofen (as seen in the maxis side) and compleate similar tasks that without them, would not be able to vanquish the evil.... In the end the crew sends the evil one back to argotha and seals the gate.... From there maxis sacrafises himself to seal the MPD.... Once again gersh comes in to take his position as the anouncer... Eyes turn green and the red-eyed zombie leaves drops... With richtofen's side you get all perks, permanent fire sale, and mule-kick plus for the rest of the game...

And for completing the entire richtofen Easter egg, you get perma-Mule kick, allowing a player in any map (besides MOTD and game-maps) to gain 3 weapons at a time... Purchasing mule kick allows the player to hold 4 weapons! How cool is that? As well doing richtofen's side will give you a ranking symbol of a green eyed skull with a blue sheild....

For compleating both sides the ranking system gives you a Red-eyed zombie with a green sheild.....

Also Note: You can only hold, one of the grand reward-perma-perks at a time, meaning once you can not have perma-mule and all perks buyable in one game.... Unless you finished the richtofen Easter eggs up through burried and you activated mule kick+... That's an exemption....

So how'd you guys like it?

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