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Found new persistent perk

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Think I found a new persistent perk that (while solo) when you're downed only removes your Quick Revive and (in co-op) only removes the last perk that you purchased or earned.

I'm pretty sure I earned it through purchasing Quick Revive as my fourth perk but haven't been able to test this theory as I haven't actually lost it yet so...

Looked everywhere and haven't seen anything posted for this persistent perk so if I got it wrong and it's already been posted please excuse my claim.


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I think, BASED ON YOUR THEORY, is that Quick revive and any perk purchased afterwards is gone, but I'm sure I bought quick revive once and lost everything when I downed even though it wasn't my first perk on the screen.

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I tried it, the first time I didn't get it.

The second time I did. It was in a 4-player game, I had purchased Jugg, got 2 free perks from the ghosts (with a time bomb). The 2 perks were Speed Cola and Vulture Aid. Then I bought Quick Revive. It popped up the same way.

I don't know how much of that matters. Do we have any idea exactly how to get/lose this perk yet?

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