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Buried Information - WARNING SPOILERS

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Ok, I'm so excited for these! Vulture Aid - Cost 3000. Sort of an Engineer like perk in MP. Can See where the box is, the weird question marks on the wall, drops a scent that confuses the zombies, and drops small points and ammo packs. Then comes Chalk Weapons which I'm stoked for. In one room in the map there's 5 chalk weapons on the wall that you can pick up, Galvaknuckles, the AN-94 :D , the PDW :D , the Ak-74 U, and the SVU-AS. After you pick one up you then can go to a question mark on the wall and "draw" the gun on. After that it becomes a wall weapon.

Notes About the LSAT off the wall - Cost 2000, Located in the Starting Room, Only one person can jump on the ledge where you buy it :cry:

Also new weapons out of the box so far are:

The Paralyzer - How the Jet Gun should've been, Interacts with the orbs around the map when you shoot 'em.

Western Revolver - What can I say, It's an OP Pistol.

Time Bomb - You get one, you plant it in the ground and whenever you want to go back there, hit the detonator, so it's like a checkpoint.

What do you guys think about all this new information? I'm so excited!

All info is from Prestigeiskey's and Ali-A's respective videos.

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Wait, so do you mean you can just pick the weapon up without buying it, then place it on a wall to make it a wall weapon? Or do you just mean we can take like a Mystery Box weapon and turn it into a wall weapon?

no, what it is, is you can basically choose where you want your wall weapons to be. so like if you want the an-94 but want it to be in a specific location, then you grab the chalk drawing, take it to the ? of your choosing, draw it, then you can buy it

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There are a few different fully drawn in chalk drawings on the walls around the map. The player can pick one up in their 'buildable part' slot and then go to anywhere on the map with a question mark and put that weapon over the question mark allowing everyone in game to buy that weapon/melee weapon from that particular spot on the wall. It is a new strategic addition to the game :D

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Technically speaking, the Sliquifier cannot if someone loses it and it hops into the box rotation. Other than that, no, every WW that has been available only from the box can be Pack-a-Punched.

Didn't think to class that as box wonder weapon as it's a buildable first off. Oh well.

Would be awesome if you could PaP paralyzer

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