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  1. In my opinion, I think it's a really great perk unlike Who's Who? and Electric Cherry. As it's not a necessity like Juggernog is, It's really helpful to know where the box and perks are. And I like the little money and ammo packets it drops .
  2. One Thing I left out, As soon as you go down the tunnel from the start room, a chalk Remington is on the wall alongside a question mark next to it where you can draw it on.
  3. This loading screen is a bit weird..... where the tear in the shape of a man from Die Rise's loading screen. That got me thinking. This might come after the 4th map dlc. There's gonna a gap in this map that the characters are going to tell us about, the story so far, possibly the comic book page in-between Die Rise and Buried. Either all that or like Infected said, this somehow happens before Der Riese? I just want to believe it's fake.
  4. Sorry, I haven't made many post so I'll be sure not to do it again.
  5. First of all, WHERES THE TEAR? Obviously fake for that reason and 2 more. Resolution 1295, that was a theory made by PlaytheGame, so it might be a fanboy that made it. Finally, the art design is completely different then the loading screen from Die Rise. In my opinion It looks like it was made by HexZombies, who makes loading screens that people take for real.
  6. Thanks bagel! I will gladly play zombies with you so I'll try to add you in the near future. Gonna Be busy stocking up the bank in Die Rise for Buried today. :lol:
  7. Ok, I'm so excited for these! Vulture Aid - Cost 3000. Sort of an Engineer like perk in MP. Can See where the box is, the weird question marks on the wall, drops a scent that confuses the zombies, and drops small points and ammo packs. Then comes Chalk Weapons which I'm stoked for. In one room in the map there's 5 chalk weapons on the wall that you can pick up, Galvaknuckles, the AN-94 , the PDW , the Ak-74 U, and the SVU-AS. After you pick one up you then can go to a question mark on the wall and "draw" the gun on. After that it becomes a wall weapon. Notes About the LSAT off the wall - Cost 2000, Located in the Starting Room, Only one person can jump on the ledge where you buy it :cry: Also new weapons out of the box so far are: The Paralyzer - How the Jet Gun should've been, Interacts with the orbs around the map when you shoot 'em. Western Revolver - What can I say, It's an OP Pistol. Time Bomb - You get one, you plant it in the ground and whenever you want to go back there, hit the detonator, so it's like a checkpoint. What do you guys think about all this new information? I'm so excited! All info is from Prestigeiskey's and Ali-A's respective videos.
  8. This could mean a lot of things. Like what TheBSZombie said, a way to get a lot of points on round 1, Mr. Hillbilly, or the return of the ......... BONFIRE SALE!
  9. If they do a bonus map in Vengeance, I would like it to be Grief in that Victorian styled house that you can see the ghost lady in. But it really depends on how big the house is.
  10. Hello, my name is Carter and I'm in-between 6th and 7th grade right now, also I'm new here. Well, not really. I got an Xbox Christmas 2012 alongside with Cod Black Ops 2. At first I was a newb at zombies, then I found these forums. I spent nights upon nights reading, watching strategies, and learning about the history of zombies. Later a created an account on the forums to put my input on topics, but I was too shy to make a lot of posts. Then I commented on Naitrax's Buried achievement analysis and he gave me a warm welcome and said that I should post an Introduction so here it is. I'm glad to be apart of the forum family :D
  11. About the achievement Mined Games, I think I'm onto something , or maybe not . In Buried be their pawns. Pawns, they're useless, maybe when the N4 is done everything Maxis or Richtofen has no use for them so they could just end them. Possibly trick them into their own demise, a mined game. Could they kill the N4 through a tunnel collapse? It would make sense that the O4 would be in the last map to end it with a bang. Just a Thought, I'm new here 8-)
  12. I believe the exact time for Die Rise is 2025, because if you look at the refrigerators on the ground near the m. boxes initial spawn, theyre the exact same ones from Hydro .
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