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Deleted Jimmy Tweet.

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Hey guys. Apologies if this is posted somewhere, but i couldn't find anything so i'll post :)

I keep a notepad of Jimmys wierd tweets or ones i feel are important, seeing as im on twitter a lot its quite easy to do. As i was flicking down his twitter feed i found one wasn't there anymore. So, its either been deleted or i decided to troll myself when i was hammered one night, im hoping its not the latter but here goes.

"save a perk or revive a perk now you see in mob there just 5 perks"

Im assuming it would be a little hint given out and then the deleted in the event maybe on a few would see it etc...

I haven't got any solid theories but perhaps there is a way to get either the troll perks on the docks, or all 5 perks.

I know he might be saying there are only 5 and this could be him thinking out loud about whether to add one but its a bit krypticly wrote.

jus' puttin' it out there.

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I know prior to the release of MotD he tweeted something like "save a perk or revive a perk?" this seems to be implying that based on fan feedback they could choose to either save the perks wr're used to in black ops 2, or sacrifice one or more in exchange for an old one (presumably PhD.)

Maybe it's linked to that? We mustn't rule out the possibility that you were hammered though. :mrgreen:

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We did lose the amount of perks for the price of one brand new perk. There, we can see Mule Kick AND PhD Flopper taunting us in Mob of the Dead. I have a feeling if we really wanted to "revive" a perk, then another one that is crucial to us would take its place.

Although I truly wish we could somehow get those perk machines on the boat working, it'll never happen. :cry:

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haha, i have judged it as a "sober note", mainly becasue a few pages in i have been writing drunk and i can't make out what it says lol

Jesus - I think you're probably right, i'm just hoping maybe a few people have had the same thought or even a theory to get 5 perks. You can do it in transit and survival town but its just more common sense/little clever. And in die rise you get the free perks. Maybe there is a way to get one extra here too. :)

Also Infest, Im hoping its not a troll but it would be so typical of them. Also the fact they are knocked over seems as if they are unobtainable :(

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Probably wanted to feedback is right. Maybe whether to keep quick revive or introduce the new ec perk. I'd much rather have mule kick than EC though. This map would be perfect with mule kick. Meat grinder, LSAT PP, and VW. *drools*

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a formula i noticed was the original 4 perks (minus quick revive in favor of afterlife), 1 new perk, 1 black ops 1 perk. we got deadshot, staminup, mule kick, so its only a matter of time till we get phd back

I did noticed that as well

Tranzit: The Orignal 4, Stamin-Up (BOI Perk), Tombstone (New Perk)

Die Rise: The Orignal 4, Mule Kick (BOI Perk), Who's Who (New Perk)

MoTD: Jug, DTRB, Speed (Minus QR in favor of Afterline), Deadshot Daiquiri (BOI Perk), Electric Cherry (New Perk)

If the pattern continues doesen't that mean PHD will be in the next map?

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