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  1. Hi guys. Haven't seen this in its own post and i haven't seen anyone else online who knew about it, so i thought it might be good for people to read. I used this to great effect when doing the Awaken The Gazebo achievement. The further away the prisoner is from debris, the more points you get. I got him to run from jug and smash the door to the chalk room and got 1980 points! Managed to get about the same going the other way to smash Jug aswell. Only bought 1 booze so made 3000 doing just those 2 barriers. As long as you make more than 1000 every time, buy as much booze as you need and you will always be in profit :)
  2. Seen a few new ones, seeing if anyone else has. We know about the Flopper one. I had a puff of green smoke when using a time bomb for like the 5th time. Puff of green smoke from the mystery box after getting monkeys and a few standard guns. I have got a ray gun a few times after the green smoke at the box.
  3. Right so ghost house, gettting through is quite simple. Up the stairs left, wait for the book case to open and just follow the path round and out. everytime you get hit a ghost you lose points. i have seen 2000 go at a time and i have lost 2500 too (i think). Pack a punch is the otherside. you can shoot the lady and kill her and make it through with your points if you kill them without being touched, and get a free perk. One also dropped a free perk when they appeared outside the house. There has to be an easier way through and i have found, the more of you there are, the more ghosts there are
  4. we have had a few problems with this. Try throwing it in different sections of the pit. seems to take a while to get the throw right in certain spots.
  5. Sorry Could have worded that better. I am aware of the spawn in of a load of zombies and noticed its bigger depending on the round. Is it not weird that i only had 2 or 3 when it should be a rounds worth or similar?
  6. Typical of American TV unfortunately. All the good shows get cancelled.
  7. Thats the one! I only watched half of the first season, have just never got around to watching anymore. The backstory on Alcatraz and shots of the prison were pretty cool.
  8. Hey guys, Just wondering. Me and a few mates had a couple of 3 man games today. Decided to do the laundry room early when we had a runner to get the extra points. Did it in rounds 2,3 and 4. All 3 times when we started the machine and killed the runner, we had like 2 maybe 3 walkers turn up upstairs and thats it. Not sure if this is a glitch??? If its not, i suggest doing the washing machine early if you struggle in there :)
  9. Escape From Alcatraz is a classic and i think that will always be hard to follow from. Has anyone seen the series Alcatraz ? Story needs some work but an interesting look into it.
  10. Im fairly sure that Brutus IS ferguson. They just renamed him when he "turns".
  11. You CAN get 2 death machines LEGIT. You can pull two from the box, the same as the blundergat. I have seen it happen a few times.
  12. So guys, we have a few numbers we type in the box for the EE and another few that we type change eg. 115 935. Has anyone yet tried to type in ALL possible combinations and see what we get?? Me and some of my team were going to do it tomorrow or at least try. But for those of you who love to do tedious stuff like this. It might be worth a go??? Just have someone do the revive glitch as you are typing my aim for tomorrow is to try 1-500 i will let you know how i fare :)
  13. Im fairly sure this isn't just 30+ zombies, When i play solo and multi player, i start my round on the bridge, DONT SHOOT OR SPORK/CLAYMORE/GRENADE, and end the round on the bridge. then the pit. works everytime. I have noticed if you go back early and kill zombies the pit doesn't take it.
  14. Yeah, i had a little trouble doing it at first. What i did was get right in the corner then jump and throw your tomahawk. Once you do it once, you should be fine with it. Alternatively, take the gondola and do it on the way past :)
  15. Yeah, i had a little trouble doing it at first. What i did was get right in the corner then jump and throw your tomahawk. Once you do it once, you should be fine with it. Alternatively, take the gondola and do it on the way past :)
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