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Best Places to Kite?

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This is for all the hard-core zombie slayers out there.

What places to you prefer to kite (rape train, loop, whatever you prefer to call it)?

The GG bridge and Cafe are where I usually end up. I figure 8 train under the acid trap. The GG bridge is pretty easy to whatever the heck you want without any trouble.

SO my zombie friends? Where do you prefer to train?

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If you're serious about trying to find a good place to train around in this narrow map, there are a few alternatives to the most obvious ones.

Showers - This area can get really hectic, but it's not a bad area if you know how to drag and cut. The only problem you will encounter is running into the sides of the shower stalls, but with enough practice, you'll learn to use them as advantage points in cut-backs.

A Remington is on the wall, and you'll have clusters of zombies so taking 'em out shouldn't be a problem. The narrow pathways will allow for easy Hell Retriever hoarding. If having the Remington is not your cup a tea, there is an MP5 upstairs awaiting you.

Docks - While everything is extremely close in space, you can actually do some pretty nice train sessions from the workbench to the Tommy or run up the stairs and drop down. For this maneuver, you may need to build the Zombie Shield on the nearby workbench for infinite uses.

The guard tower may also provide some comfort if you're needing assistance, and having it upgraded can do wonders for you. Just make sure that you are comfortable running in narrow areas, and keep a nice arsenal for getting yourself out of sticky situations.

Roof - An obvious but not common area to train, the roof provides good coverage to run circles. You will definitely need some form of pathway cleaner - perhaps a Blundergat or even shotgun will suffice. Claymores will also work very well here, given that you have obtained them early on.

The plane can act as a perfect escape route for you. I don't usually use it, but it has saved my life a number of times when I am in dire need of getting off the roof asap. Down below, you'll find an Uzi that may work well as your primary for killing/point hoarding.

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My favorite MoTD rape training places are definitely either the Cafeteria or the Warden's Office - basically because they have the traps.

I honestly prefer the Warden's office, for several reasons:

- The Fan Trap is there which is much better than the Acid Trap (because you can crouch below it and escape a hectic situation, whereas the acid traps doesn't offer that option).

- The Uzi is there, so you can buy more ammo and to get a decent amount of points for the trap.

- The entire place is very tight (the room with the part for the plane) but the strategy can be very effective if learned to be maneuvered correctly.

If I can, I'll film at least a few minutes of gameplay for the strategy and post it here, but more of that later.

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Like GamingAndStories said i like the Wardens Office, ill end up running there about 80% of the time.

A high risk running spot playing solo, but.. with other people on the map it makes for a fast game.

Im more inclined to run a room that has traps, regardless of its running difficulty.

(tight spaces and narrow passages vs. being wide open)

So id say the Cafeteria and the Wardens Office are my go-to running spots, but if there already taken id probably go to the roof.

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Those are my main circles:

+Cafeteria: is probably the easiest one.

+Front of cafeteria/Trap area: Narrow but works well.

+Docks: Sometimes tricky in solo, but if you put the shield there pretty much no problem.

+Roof: Very easy, flat, fresh air.

+Showers: No view, lots of corners, but a nice one for coop. Especially because you reach any place in the map quite quickly.

+Top of spiral stairs, at afterlife station: One of my personal favorites.

+Generator room: Also a cool one, but gets crazy if too many zombies come.

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